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  • Cross my Line

    PSP, I have 9, but should work in any version.
    Animation shop
    Tube of choice, I have used Olivia, available on licence from CILMin order to use this image you must visit them to purchase the appropriate package on licence.
    Font of choice,
    DSB Flux Bright noise - if you dont have it, plain psp noise will do :-)
    Muras meister Copies ( OPTIONAL )
    My Supplies, which include the template made by myself.
    OK, so here we go,
    Open up and minimise my supplies
    New canvas sized 600 x 600 floodfill with white.
    On a new layer apply a scrap paper, or a textured coloured layer of yuor liking,
    This layer can be colourised to suit your tube. :-)
    On top of this layer, i added in another text layer - typing out the words Cross My Line Pay the Price. I changed the angle of this and thren used Muras meister Copies. This entire layer, and effect is totally optional, just play about to see what you like :-)
    Copy the template from my things, and again, Paste As New Layer.
    Click inside the template with your magic wand, and then Selections > Modify> Expand by 2 pixels, Floodfill this with a colour or gradient of your choice.
    Add a drop shadow of your choice 9 I have Vertical and Horizontal set to 3, Opacity 100, Blur 12. 80, colour black )
    Duplicate this layer twice, rename the them temp 1 temp 2 and temp 3.
    On temp 1 go to Effects > Plug-Ins > DSB Flux > Bright Noise
    and set it to Intensity of 50, and Lighter.then OK
    Now activate temp 2, and repeat, only this time, click Lighter twice before OK
    repeat again, clicking 3 times for layer named Temp 3.
    X out temp 2 and 3.
    Copy your tube and paste as new layer onto your tag, position to your liking within the template. You can place it below the template layer or above, this will depend on your tube choice and own preferences - I placed mine below the template, then selected key areas to go over the top of it :-)
    Add a drop shadow of your choice. ( Mine was set to Vertical & Horizontal 3, Opacity 100, Blur 10, colour Black. )
    Now add all marks and credits.
    Add your name ( or text ) as a new layer, again adding a drop shadow of your choice.

    Right, so now we are gonna animate:-)
    OK, so make sure that your temp 2 and temp 3 layers are still X out.
    have temp 1 as the active layer, and go to Edit > Copy Merged.
    Open up your A/S.
    Edit > Paste As New Animation.
    back into PSP. X out temp 1, and activate temp 2, again Edit > Copy Merged.
    Into A/S, Edit > Paste AFTER current frame
    back into PSP, close temp 2 and activate temp 3, repeat the copying over to A/S, again, pasting AFTER current frame.
    View > Animation, this will show your finished tag :-)
    Save As, name and save as a GIF file :-)
    My Thanks go to Trish, who tested this tutorial and helped me iron out the creases :-)
    Her tag creation:

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