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  • Diamond Fantasy

    You will need
    PSP - I used X, but this tut will work in any version
    Animation Shop
    Xenofex 2 - Constellation
    SUPPLIES : not provided ... you will need a soft edges mask of your choice, a diamond, a bow, and a hanging glass element of your choice.
    Tube of choice - I used this beautiful Blonde from Barb Jensen - you must buy her work on Licence to use by visiting her gallery HERE:0)
    New canvas 600 x 600, Floodfill white.
    Preset on rectangle, foreground null, fill as black.
    Draw out rectangle about of the width of the canvas. Position to the top of the tag. Convert to Raster layer.
    Duplicate this layer, then flip it, so its at the bottom of the tag, duplicate it, and resize 75%, reposition against the bottom rectangle, then duplicate this one, resize again and reposition. Merge these 3 rectangles and the one at the top together.
    Activate the white background layer, add a new raster layer and Floodfill with black. Open the mask of your choice, and Layers > New Mask Layer > From Image, in the drop down menu, locate the mask, and having only Source Luminance checked, hit apply. Merge the group
    use your diamond tube to create a diamond strip on a seperate canvas, and paste as a new layer- place it on the top rectangle Take a bow of your choice and place in the centre of the diamond strip. Merge the bow and diamonds together and then duplicate this layer and flip it.
    On the bottom one, duplicate and resize at 75% ,
    Take the charm of your choice and place so it appears to *hang* from the top bar of diamonds.
    OK, Back to the Rectangle layer we created earlier.
    Selections > Select All > Selections > Float > Defloat > Modify > Expand by 5.
    New raster layer, and Floodfill with a colour from your bow :0)
    Drag this layer below the black rectangles.
    Duplicate twice, for a total of 3 layers,
    On the top copy, apply Xenofex 2 constellation with the following settings :
    Apply the same settings on the other 2 layers, hitting the *Random Seed* button each time.
    X out the bottom and middle copies for now.
    Activate your top layer, and paste your tube . Add all credits.
    In a font of your choice, add your name, rotate it thru 90 degrees left, and place on the right-hand side of the tag.
    Now we are ready to animate.
    Gonna do it in my usual way :0)
    So make sure your bottom and middle layers containing the constellation filter are still Xd out.
    Edit > Copy Merged
    Into AS and Paste as a NEW animation
    Back to PSP. X out the top layer of constellation, and open the middle one, Edit > Copy Merged
    Into AS and Paste AFTER current Frame
    Back to PSP one last time, X out the middle layer and open the bottom one, Edit > Copy Merged
    Into AS and Paste AFTER current frame.
    Resize if ness, name and save as a gif :0)
    This Tutorial was written by Kells for on October 29th 2007.
    All ideas and concepts are my own, any similarities to any other is accidental.
    Please do not redistribute, re-write or claim as your own, see my To
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