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  • Eyes that See

    Eyes that See
    You need :
    PSP - any version
    Animation shop
    Tube of choice preferably a tube and a close up - I am using Jennifer Janesko- a wonderfully talented lady, who’s art you can get on licence from CILM - in order to use this image you must visit them to purchase the appropriate package on licence.
    Font of choice
    And my SUPPLIES - This awesome kit is called Kisses , and the photo frame Both by Melissa
    I have written this Tutorial on the day that KnKSDesigns celebrates its 1st Birthday as a forum :0)
    And I am dedicating it to my Longest standing Member, Clare, who followed me from MSN and has stuck by me through all the tough times :0)
    Open and minimise all the supplies in PSP ( except the animation which goes into Ani Shop )
    Start with a blank canvas at 600 x 600, Floodfill with white.
    Take the *Stitched Heart* element and paste as a new layer onto your canvas - resize it up - to 150 %.
    Take the photo frame, Paste as a new layer over the heart - Colorize it to match your heart or your tube.
    Click inside the photo frame with your magic wand, Modify and expand by 5 pixels, Paste a scrap paper of your choice as a new layer, Selections Invert ( make sure the paper is the active layer ) and on the keyboard, hit delete. Drag the paper layer below the frame layer.
    Duplicate the paper and the frame. On the duplicate layers - resize them both to 50 % and manually move them and line them up in the top left corner - so part of it is under the main frame and paper. Duplicate both layers then Mirror and flip them both so you have this>
    Further embellishments are a matter of choice - I chose to add the smallest silver heart element to 2 of the corners of my main frame, a dark flower to the corner, and the belted ribbon across the main frame :0)
    OK, Activate the main frame layer again, and click inside it with the magic wand - Modify and expand by 2. Grab your main tube ( or Image ) and paste as a new layer position so that its sits to your liking within the marching ants - once you are happy - Invert and on the keyboard hit delete :0) Select None and add a drop shadow of your choice.
    On a new layer add all your © credits and taggers mark if you use one :0)
    Move the tube right over to one side of the *photo*. Make sure the tube layer is in between the frame and paper layers. Now duplicate and mirror it. Change the Overlay to Luminance Legacy and lower the opacity down to about 28 - play with it and see what works best for your tube :0). Make sure the duplicated layer is below the main original :0)
    Now select the activate the small frame at the top left corner. Click inside the frame with the magic wand - Modify and expand by 2. Following the same principle as we used in the main image - paste your Close Up or tube as a new layer and position til an area of it is within the marching ants - then Invert. Select None, Move this layer so its between the frame and the paper layer.
    Repeat this process for the frame in the bottom corner
    Because I used eyes and lips for my smaller frames, I decided to add word art to compliment them :0)
    In a scripty font, and a colour selected from your elements or tubes - type out your saying, and then add a drop shadow - I typed out ** With eyes That See our love ** and placed it by the top, and then on a new layer I typed out ** And Lips that Taste its Sweetness ** and placed by the bottom.
    Finally add your name in colours and font of your choice, and position to your liking -Merge all layers together
    You should now have something along these lines :
    And Now we are ready to animate :0)
    Copy your Tag, and then into Ani Shop and Paste as a New Animation :0)
    Duplicate til you have a total of 7 frames.
    Now activate the animation I have supplied - Edit > Select All > Edit > Copy
    Back to the tag and > Edit > Select All > Edit > Propagate Paste > Edit > Paste and drag the animation over so it sits on the left hand side of the main frame. Edit > Paste again but drag so its on the right hand side of the frame :0)
    Now go back to the animation , make sure all frames are selected still and go to Animation > Rotate > go thru 90 degrees left then Edit > Copy
    Back to the tag, and Edit > Paste place across the top of the frame, then Paste again, positioning along the bottom of the frame.
    View animation, and if you are happy, Save As - naming and saving as a GIF J
    Written by Kells, January 17th 2008.
    Please do not re-write, distribute or claim as your own, look at my ToU
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