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  • Kisses for AllyRose

    You will need the following items:
    PSP - I've used X but any version will work
    Animation Shop
    Missy Template #130 available form her site
    Scrap of choice - the one i used is called SWALK and is a PTU kit from Candys TreatsHERE
    Tube of choice - I used Allyrose by
    Jennifer Janesko, who is licenced with CILM, in order to use this tube you MUST purchase the pack on licence from them HERE
    OK ...
    Open and minimise all your supplies in PSP.
    Activate the Template, and remove the credit layer.
    Activate the Large Circle layer, and resize at 85%, then do the same with the square layer, leave the others as they are.
    Activate the circle layer ( the small pale grey one ) Select All, Float, de float, Selections, Modify, Smooth, and set amount and corner scale both to 10, and have both anti alias and preserve corners checked, then hit OK.
    Take a paper of your choice - I used CT Block2, and paste into selection. Leave the area selected, and paste your tube into it as a new layer, position it to your liking, then selections > invert, and making sure the tube is the active layer, click delete on your keyboard. Select None. On the layers pallete change the tubes blend to Overlay. Merge the tube layer down onto the circle paper, then add a subtle drop shadow of your choice.
    Next, activate your square layer, and repeat the first few steps above - smoothing by 10 again, and using a different paper - I used Paper16. Once you have the paper in, Select None, and drop shadow as before.
    Merge the 2 thin rectangles together and repeat step as above, then do the same for the small rectangle.
    Activate the Larg Circle and repeat as above - using the same paper you used in the small circle.
    Duplicate the large circle layer then on the origional layer go to -Adjust ,Blur , Gaussian blur of 15.
    Duplicate this Blurred layer twice.
    Now we are going to apply HSB Noise to the three blurred layers ...
    we will use the same settigns on each layer ...just change the random seed for each one ...
    so select the top one and apply on the following settings:
    then select the middle one, and leave the settings as they are but hit random seed ....
    then select the bottom one, and again, leave the setting but change random seed.
    Now X out the middle and bottom copies for the time being.

    Ebellish the tag with elements and so on to your liking, I added one of the heart frames from my kit ( resized at 50% and roatted 24 degrees left then Sharpened ) and one of the bows - agai resized.
    Once you are happy with the look of your tag, add your copyrights / credits layer and any taggers watermarks etc as relevent.
    Finsih the tag off by adding your name in a font of your liking ....I used Passions conflict by Rob, which is a PTU font, but any pretty script styled font will look great :0)
    OK, so now to animate .....
    Have all layers active EXCEPT the bottom and middle burred circle layers.
    Go to Edit > Copy Merged, then into Animation Shop and Paste as a New animation.
    Back to PSP, and X out the top blurred circle, and un cross the middle one ... Edit > Copy Merged then over to animation shop and Paste AFTER current frame.
    Back to PSP one last time, x out that middle blurred layer, and open the bottom one up, again Edit <> Copy Merged, and finally back to Animation shop and again, Paste AFTER current frame.
    Staying is Ani Shop .... go to Edit > Select All then Animation > Frame properties, and chane to 20.
    View your animation, and if you are happy, name and save your tag :0)
    I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
    Why not stop by to show me your results!
    This tutorial was written by Kells for KnKSDesigns, on January 7th 2009
    Any resemblance to any other tutorial is accidental.
    Please feel free to bookmark this tut ,print it out for your own use but under no circumstances are you to re-write it, copy it or claim it as your own.
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