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  • Endangered dreams

    For this tutorial you will need:

    PSP - I’ve used X but any version will work

    Animation Shop

    Tube of choice - mine is *endangered* by Jennifer Janesko- available on licence from CILMin order to use this image you must visit them to purchase the appropriate package on licence

    And you will also see a filter to make the rain - I used Adrenaline Snowflakes - Free download -

    City scape of choice - Mine is from StockXchange - select one you like - preferably with a dark night sky background.

    New Canvas 700 x 700, flood fill with white.

    New raster layer, flood fill with black.

    Now paste your city skyline pic as a new layer - resizing dramatically, until it is about 2 thirds the size of your tag.. Drop the opacity of the picture, down to around 40 ( this will very much depend on your chosen photo - go with what works best for you ) Merge the picture and black layer together.

    Use your selection tool, to draw out an eclipse shape ( there is a drop down on your tool bar to select different shapes for the selection tool )

    Make your selection to your liking - about 2 thirds of the tag works well - see mine for example.

    Once you are happy with the selected area - go to Selections > Invert, and on the keyboard, hit delete. Select None.

    Duplicate this layer, on the bottom one, go to Adjust > Blur > Radial….. Set it to *Twirl* Elliptical is checked, strength is 15, everything else is 0.

    Paste and arrange your tube as a new layer on top of your city photo, Add a drop shadow if you like.

    Add all Copyrights and taggers marks on a new layer.

    In a script style font, add word art, or a quote to your liking - again adding a drop shadow.

    Take a Bold font, with foreground set to back, and background null, type out your name in all capital letters. Convert to raster layer.

    Using the magic wand, click inside each letter of your name, Selections > Expand by 1. Paste your tube as a new layer again, and arrange so it *fills* your name. Selections > Invert, and on keyboard hit delete. Drag the fill down to under the outline of your name, and merge the 2 together.

    Activate your layer containing your city photo.

    Selections > Select All > Float > De float.

    Add a new Raster Layer.

    On this layer, apply the VDL Snowflake filter on these settings :

    Then go to Adjust > Blur > Motion Blur and apply on these settings :

    Leave the area selected - add a new raster layer, apply the snow filter again - this time change the random seed before applying, then apply the same motion blur.

    Open 1 lat New Raster Layer - and repeat the snow, again changing the random seed before applying, then follow with the motion blur.

    Now Select None to get rid of them marching ants

    Now we are ready to animate :0)

    So - all layers are active - x out the middle and bottom layers of the *snow* filter.

    Have your top layer as active, and go to

    Edit > Copy Merged

    Over to Ani Shop and Paste as a New Animation

    Back into psp.

    X out the top copy of snow, and open the middle one.

    Edit > Copy Merged

    Into Ani Shop and Paste AFTER current Frame.

    Back into psp,

    X out the middle copy of snow, and open the bottom one.

    Edit > Copy Merged.

    Into Ani Shop and Paste AFTER Current Frame.

    Stay in Ani Shop, go to Edit > Select All the Animation > Frame Properties.

    I changed mine to 20, but play about with it till you are happy with the rain fall :0)

    Finally, name and save as a GIF :0)
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