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  • Stars Shimmer

    Stars Shimmer & Shine
    PSP - I used X but this will work in any version
    Animation Shop
    VM Natural Sparkle.
    Font of choice
    Tube of choice - I have used the incredible work of Myka Jelina, available on Licence from CILM, Do Not use this tube unless you hold the appropriate licence to do so.
    And lastly, you will need my Supplies- which hold the elements I have used - made by the fantastic Melissa at Scrappy Expressions
    New Canvas 600 x 600, Floodfill with white
    Firstly select your Rectangle preset, line width 5. Foreground colour from tube,( I used #56010c ) background black..
    Draw out a rectangle thats approx 550 pixels wide, by 175 deep.
    Convert to raster layer. Duplicate, resize the copy to 75% , merge the 2 together, and then centre on the canvas ( Objects > align > Centre Canvas. )
    Duplicate the rectangle and resize to 80%. Arrange it over the top of the original, then duplicate this layer and Image > Flip. Merge these 3 rectangles together.
    Now you have something like this:
    Use the selections tool to select the area inside the Centre rectangle then Promote Selection to Layer.
    Duplicate this promotion twice, so you have a total of 3.
    On the top copy go to VM Natural Sparkle settings :
    On the middle copy keep the settings the same, but change the random seed.
    Repeat for the bottom copy.
    Rename them ani 1 ani2 and ani 3.
    For now X out Ani 2 and 3.
    Next, open the scrap kit provided ( or other of your choice )
    Copy and paste the doodle element onto the tag, under all the rectangles.
    Colorize to contrast with your tube, place to your liking - I duplicated mine and flipped it over., If you do this, merge the layers containing the doodle together.
    Next, select one of the basic elements I have provided - I used the staples.
    Use the selection tool to highlight the staple / stitch of your choice, Edit Copy. Onto the tag, and Paste as New layer.
    Arrange so that it joins the top rectangle to the bottom, Duplicate and move, arranging so that it attaches the centre and bottom together
    I chose to add one of the flower elements too.
    X out the Ani 1 layer, and Merge All Visible. Open Ani 1 again
    Right Now is the time to add the tube, so Paste it on as a new layer, and arrange to your liking.
    Add a gentle drop shadow of your choice.
    If there is an area of your tube that overlaps the Bottom rectangle, , and manipulate it so it falls behind the rectangle -
    For example, my tube has a cape, and I have chosen to have the cape Behind the rectangle, while her dress remains in front.
    To do this, simply Activate the layer containing the Rectangles. Use the Free hand selection tool to draw a selection around the area you want to hide. Once you are happy that you have it selected, Promote Selections to Layer. Then on the layers palette, move the promoted area Up above the layer containing the tube.
    Add all your Now. Merge the layers containing the Tube & promoted layer and the credits together.
    In a font of your choice and colour, type out your wording for the top box - I decided to use the wording
    As the Stars Begin to Shimmer and Shine, I now your heart is mine.
    Add a drop shadow and / or glow of your choice.
    In the same colours etc, on a new layer type out your name. Arrange it and stretch to fit in the bottom box. Add a drop shadow if you like - I also gave mine a bevel:
    Make sure that Ani 2 and Ani 3 are still Xd out, and everything else is open.
    Edit > Copy Merged
    Into AS and Paste as new Animation
    Back to psp, X out ani 1 and open ani 2,and have it as the active layer Edit > Copy Merged
    Into AS and Paste AFTER current frame - back to psp, and X out ani 2, open ani 3,having it as the active layer Edit > Copy Merged
    Back to AS and Paste AFTER Current frame.
    Now go ahead and save your tag name and save as a GIF File J
    Thanks for trying my tutorial, I Hope you enjoyed it, why not pop by KnKSDesigns sometime and show me your results :-)
    This Tutorial was written by Kells for on August 24th 2007
    All ideas and concepts are my own, any similarities to any other is accidental.
    Please do not redistribute, re-write or claim as your own, see my ToU.
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