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  • A Paws in Purrfection

    A Paws in Purrfection
    You will need :
    PSP ( I use X but any version will work )
    Animation Shop
    DSB Flux - Bright Noise
    Tube of Choice - I have used one of my favourite artists Olivia available for use on Licence from the awesome company CILMIn order to use this image you must visit them to purchase the appropriate package on licence.
    You will also need a Paw Print Preset shape ( I cant include the one I used, sorry )
    scrap kit of your choice mine was by Clarey at
    Start with a new canvas - 700 x 700 and Floodfill with white.
    Grab your eclipse tool, and with the foreground set to black, with a line width of 4, and fill set to null, draw out a circle that fitís the majority of your canvas. Objects > Align > Centre in Canvas.
    Click inside the circle with your magic wand, and Selections > Modify > Expand by 2.
    Selecting one of the scrap papers Paste as a new layer - make sure the paper fills the area within the marching ants ( if its too small, resize it to 150 % or similar )- you can colourise to match your tube
    Selections > Invert, then on the keyboard, hit delete.
    Move this layer below the circles outline, and merge the two layers together, before adding a drop shadow of your choice.
    Next repeat the process - this time using your square preset and a different paper. Once you have the square outline and paper merged , rotate it through 7 degrees left, and add same drop shadow you used on the circle.
    Next grab the ribbon lacing element - again colourise to match the tag and tube, paste as a new layer onto the tag, resize if you need to, and rotate thru 7 degrees left again. Line it up so it appears to connect the square layer to the circle layer. Add drop shadow of your choice, then duplicate the ribbon, and move it across the tag, so it matches..
    You can also add any further elements you like to enhance your tag. I added a flower to the top, and a bow across the bottom corner :0).
    Next Grab your Paw Print shape, and draw out a print thatís just a little smaller than your square layer. - with the shape I used, I had to rotate the image 90 degrees so it was the right way round :0)
    Use the magic wand, and click inside each of the *toes* and the main pad. Selections > Modify > Contract > 3.
    Grab another paper from the scrap kit ( colourise if needed ) and then paste INTO Selection. Select None.
    Now have your paw print as the *active * layer, and Selections > Select All > Float > Defloat > Modify > Expand > 5.
    New Layer, and Floodfill the layer with a colour that matches your tag, Select None, and then place this layer below the paw print.
    Duplicate it twice, for a total of three layers.
    Have the top copy active and go to Effects > DSB Flux > Bright Noise
    Apply the noise on a setting of 45, and click Lighter, then OK
    Activate the next layer down, and again add the noise - this time click on lighter TWICE then OK
    Repeat on the 3rd layer - pressing Lighter THREE times before OK.
    X out the bottom and middle layers with the noise on them.
    Activate your main Paw Layer now - the one that has the paper in it.
    Click inside the main area only with the magic wand - Selections > Modify > Contract > 2
    Now paste your tube as a new layer, resize as needed, and place within the paw area. Once you are happy with its placement, Selections > Invert and hit delete on the keyboard.
    Repeat the process for each of the smaller *toe* areas of the shape .
    Once your main pad and all its toes have tubes ( or elements of your choice ) in them, add drop shadows to the tube layers. And to the main paw print layer.
    Last stage before animation - of course, add all © credits etc to your tag, and whatever name you choose - I used Campanile font, and rotated it to follow the bottom of the square :0)
    ( Double check that the bottom and middle paw print layers containing Noise are Xíd out still )
    Go to Edit > Copy Merged
    Into Ani Shop, and Paste as a New Animation.
    Back to PSP. X out the top noised paw print layer, and activate the middle one instead and Edit > Copy Merged
    Into Ani Shop and Paste AFTER Current Frame
    Back to PSP again X out the middle one, and open the last Paw with Noise Edit > Copy Merged
    Into Ani Shop and Paste AFTER Current Frame.
    View your tag, and if you are happy with it, Save As - Name and Save as a GIF File :0)
    A slightly different Version using Ted Hammond ( again from CILM and used on licence)
    This tutorial was written by Kells on January 5th 2008
    Any similarities to any other tutorial is accidental, all ideas and concepts are my own, please do not distribute, copy or re-wrote my tutorial, see my TOU
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