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  • Pretty in Pink

    You will need:
    PSP, I used 9, any version will work.
    Animation shop
    Tube of choice - I have used the gorgeous work of Barbara Jensen, available on licence, If you dont have the correct licence, then please use a different tube.
    my supplies HEREIncluding 2 blings from the AWESOME Roberta! thanks girl you rock!!!
    New blank canvas sized at 500 x 500, black.
    Open you tube, and paste as a new layer, resize if nessessary.
    Add your credits licence numbers, etc on a new layer.
    Select a colour from your tube, as the foreground, and a contrast gradient for the background.
    With the rounded rectangle preset, draw out a shape at the bottom of your tag.
    Convert to raster layer, and duplicate. activate the bottom one, Adjust > Blur > Motion Blur and set to 31 degrees, strengh of 50%. Merge Down.
    New Vector layer, select a heart preset of your choice ( or another shape ) I havent included the one i used, as I dont have permission to do so. On the layers pallette, set your foreground to gradient and background to null, and draw out heart to approx 100 pixels wide.
    Duplicate this layer, and on the duplicate, repeat the motion blur as before. Merge Down, and duplicate this layer again, and position the 2 shapes to your liking.
    Use your magic wand to select the inside of one of the shapes, Selections > Modify > Contract > by 1 pixel.
    Copy and paste your tube as a new layer, position it so an area you like falls within the heart area, Selections > Invert, then on the keyboard, delete.
    Repeat this for the 2nd heart, selecting a different area of your tube.
    Load your font set foreground to black linewidth 2.5 and background to a solid colour from your tube and type out your text - size will depend on the length of your name.
    Stretch the text out so it fits your rectangle, convert to raster, and add a drop shadow of your choice ( I used Vertical -5, Horizonal 3, Opacity 100, Blur 2, colour black )
    Now Merge visable all you layers, Edit > Copy and launch animation shop.
    Right click in animation shop and Paste as New Animation.
    We are going to be adding Blings to our tag, so we need to duplicate the tag, so there are the same ammount of layers opf tag as there is in the bling. If using the bling I supplied you will need a total of 21 frames.
    Once you have your 21 frames, open up the supplies I gave you earlier, and select the heart shaped bling.
    Firstly, delete frame 1 - its black and we dont need it, its for illistration purposes only. Next we need to size it to our tag - s Edit > Select All, then Animation > Resize, I resized to 35 %, which made it the right size for my tag - you may need to play about a little to get it to fit yours.
    Once its resized, Edit > Copy and activate your 21 framed tag. Edit > Select all > Edit > Propogate Paste > Edit > Paste > Into Selected Frame
    and now drag the heart into position above one of the hearts on the tag. Once positioned to your liking, Edit > Paste . Into Selected frame, and drag into position over your 2nd heart.
    Now open the second bling i supplied ( or another of your choice 0 and repeat the resizing process 9 I resized to 80% this time ), select all and copy, then paste onto your tag into a position you like - exactly the same way as you did for the hearts.
    Thats it you are all done! All you need to do now, is Save As, name and save as a GIF file!
    Well done, and thank you for trying my tutorial!
    Why not pop by to show me your results!
    This tutorial was written by Kells for KnKSDesigns-4-PSP on May 31st 2007.
    All ideas and concepts are my own, any similarities to any other tutorial is purley accidental.
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