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    Red Hot & Naughty
    PSP - I use X but this tutorial will work in other versions
    Animation Shop
    2 tubes of your choice by the same artist. I have used some sexy girls by Scott Blair on licence from MPT in order to use these images you must visit them to purchase the appropriate tube on licence.
    DSB Flux Bright Noise
    2 fonts of your choice - 1 bold, 1 script
    And the brushes HERE, made by Roberta - Thanks Chickie )- import into your brushes ready for use in the tutorial
    Start with a new 600 x 600 blank canvas, and Floodfill with white.
    Take your Square preset shape, set your Foreground to a colour from your tube ( I used #bae7ec ) Line width 25 and have the background colour as null.
    Draw out a square, size is up to you, place towards top left corner, ( look at my tag for reference ), convert the layer to raster, duplicate it, and move the copy down and to the right slightly so the 2 squares over lap, Merge the two layers together.
    Duplicate this layer twice.
    We are going to apply DSB Flux Bright Noise onto all 3 layers:
    On the top layer apply it at MIX set to 50 %, OK
    On the Middle layer leave at 50% and click MIX twice, then OK
    On the bottom layer leave at 50% click on MIX 3 times then OK.
    From the top, rename them squares 1 squares 2 and squares 3
    X out your bottom and middle layers for now.
    Activate your white background layer
    New Raster Layer and on this layer apply brushes or doodles of your choice or maybe even a mask ) -- I applied some Clouds by Rainbow Coffi at PSP Playground -
    Merge this layer with the background layer.
    Select your Magic Wand tool ( set to Add, RGB, Tolerance 20 )
    Click inside one of the squares you made earlier -( I went into the right hand side one )
    Selections > Modify > Expand by 5
    Paste your tube as a new layer, position in the selected area to your liking, once happy, go to Selection > Invert, and then making sure that your Tube layer is active, on your keyboard, hit Delete. Select None.
    Lower the opacity of this layer to about 50% and drag the layer so its above background layer.
    On a new Layer, add all your credits.
    Take your second tube, and Paste as a New Layer. Position to your liking towards the left side.
    Selections > Select All > Selections > Float > Selections > Defloat > Selections > Modify > Expand by 5.New Raster layer and Floodfill with the colour you used to create your squares earlier, drag this layer below the tube layer.
    Duplicate it twice, and apply DSB Flux Bright Noise with the same settings as you used for the 3 layers containing our squares. From the top rename them, noised 1, noised 2 noised 3
    X out all layers EXCEPT the squares 1 and noised 1, merge these 2 layers together, rename Noise 1, and then X out.
    Now open squares 2 and noised 2, merge together, and rename noise 2, X out
    And repeat the process for squares 3 and noised 3. Open up all your layers again, except Noise 2 and Noise 3.
    New Layer, and select your Brush.. Size 80, colour black.
    Stamp your new layer with the brush just once. Duplicate this layer and move it slightly ( see tag for reference ) on a new layer, change the size to 66, and the colour to the one we used on the squares, stamp it on the tag once, then move this into position between the 2 black stamps. Merge the 3 brush layers together.
    Position them on one of the corners of your squares - then duplicate, Mirror and flip for any other of the corners, placement is your choice
    In the bold font you chose, Black capital letters at about size 100, type in your name, position to bottom of tag, and convert to Raster.
    Then in your script font foreground white, line width 2, background colour same colour we have used through the tutorial.
    Type out your name again, position to your liking, and add a drop shadow of your choice.
    Now we animate!
    Make sure all layers are open EXCEPT Noise 2 and Noise 3.
    Go to Edit > Copy Merged
    And then into Animation shop, and Paste as a New Animation
    Back to PSP.
    Close of Noise 1, and open Noise 2 -
    Edit > Copy Merged>
    And into A/S and Paste AFTER Current Frame.
    Go back to psp, X out Noise 2, open Noise 3, Edit > Copy Merged >
    Into A/s, Paste AFTER Current frame.
    View > Animation to check its all working, if you are happy, resize to your liking, and Save As, name and save as a GIF File )
    another version.......
    Thanks for trying my tutorial, I Hope you enjoyed it, why not pop by KnKSDesigns sometime and show me your results :-)
    This Tutorial was written by Kells for on August 6th 2007
    All ideas and concepts are my own, any similarities to any other is accidental.
    Please do not redistribute, re-write or claim as your own, see my ToU.
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