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    PSP ( I have X but this should be fine in any version )
    Animation Shop
    Tube of choice I have used the breath taking work of Olivia, available on licence through CILM. Please note YOU can only use her artwork if YOU hold the appropriate licence J
    2 fonts of choice, I elected for Rockwell Extra Bold and Send Flowers
    You also need my SUPPLIES( Both items used and shared with permission of their creaters, Mask from Chelle ( formerly of copyright babes )- TY Hon, ya great xx and Bling from Roberta - TY girlie )
    Filters used - DSB Flux Bright Noise.
    Unzip my supplies - Have the mask open and minimised in psp, and the bling in A/S please.
    Start with a blank 600 x 600 canvas, and flood fill with a silver or metallic gradient of your choice.
    Duplicate this layer twice, so you have a total of 3.
    On the top layer, DSB Flux Bright Noise - 50 and Darker, then OK
    On the middle layer set to 50 and hit Darker twice, then OK and on the bottom layer, stay with 50, but hit Darker 3 times, then OK.
    X out your bottom and middle layers, and have your top one active.
    New Raster Layer and flood fill with Black.
    Layers > New Mask Layer > From Image, and in the drop down box, select our mask - Chellesdesignsmask10. Source luminance, Fit to Canvas, Invert Transparency and Hide all Mask are checked.
    On the layers palette, Delete the Mask, say Yes when it asks if you wish to merge to the layer below, then Merge Group.
    Now Image > Free Rotate > Rotate Left 90 degrees.
    Now we got:

    Take your tube and Paste as a New Layer onto the tag.
    Image > Mirror so it faces the opposite way, move it up towards the top right corner, and lower the opacity down to 45%.
    On the Mask layer Selections > Select All> Selections > Float> Selections Defloat > Selections > Invert
    Then make your Tube layer active, and hit Delete on the Keyboard.
    Paste your Tube on as a new Layer again, this time place it to the left and to your liking.
    Add all your © credits etc now

    Select your Rockwall Font( or other bold font of choice ) Size 100 ( depends on font and name length though )
    Have the foreground set to colour Black, line width 3.0, and the fill as a colour from your tube ( mine was a51d20 ) in capital letters type out your name. ( I added a Glow using EyeCandy 3 to mine, but this is optional J )
    Place to the bottom right corner of the mask, and use the nodes to size it to your liking
    New Layer, and select your other font ( should be a script style one ) and switch your foreground and background colours over, and set the line width to 1.5. Retype your name out, and, size and position to your liking.

    Now we are gonna get ready to animate!
    So, remember at the start we made those 3 layers with noise on…..
    Make sure ALL your layers are OPEN EXCEPT the 2 bottom Noised ones……

    Edit > Copy Merged
    Now flip over to Animation Shop and Paste As New Layer.
    Back to psp
    X out that top layer with the noise on, and activate the middle one.
    Edit > Copy Merged
    Into A/S and Paste AFTER current Frame
    Back to psp, X out that centre layer, and open up the bottom one Edit > Copy Merged
    Into A/S and again Paste AFTER Current Frame.
    OK, so now we are in A/S with 3 frames.
    For our Bling to work, we need 21 frames, so Edit > Select All> Edit > Duplicate Selected>
    Repeat this step until you have a total of 21 frames.
    Now restore your Bling, Delete the first frame - which is just black, and there for preview purposes.
    That leaves us the 21 frames, now Edit > Select All > Edit > Copy
    Activate the tag again, and Edit > Select All > Edit > Propagate Paste > Edit > Paste INTO selected frame.
    Position this bling on the left towards the bottom of the mask.
    Back to the Bling, and Animation > Flip > Edit > Copy
    Onto the Tag, and Edit > Paste INTO selected Frame.
    This time position on the right towards the top.
    Animation > View to see your handy work!
    Once you are happy, just Save As, name and save as a GIF file.

    This tutorial was written by Kells on July 29th 2007.
    All ideas and concepts are my own, any similarities to any other tut out there is coincidence and accidental.
    Please do not copy, rewrite or distribute or translate my tutorials in anyway.
    Please read my ToU if interested in using them in your groups :-)
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