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  • Sparkling Sensuality

    Sparkling Sensuality
    PSP - This was written in X but it will work in any version.
    Animation shop
    Tube of choice - 2 - 3 from the same artist. I used the sensual ladies of Jennifer Janesko, on licence from CILMIn order to use these images you must visit them to purchase the appropriate packages on licence.
    Filter used - VM Natural Sparkle
    Font of choice, I used Fillmore - it just needs to be a fat smooth font for all capita letters., a second font of choice - best to use a script one.
    Bling by Kat HERE Thanks for allowing me to share :0)
    OK we are gonna start with a big canvas, and crop later, so lets go with 750 by 500 and Floodfill with white.
    Select your fat font, with foreground as a dark colour from your tube ( stroke 3.0 ) and background as a lighter shade or contrasting colour.
    In all capital letters type out the word Sensuality ( or another of your choice :0) )
    Convert to raster.
    Duplicate this layer, and on the original go to Adjust > Blur > Guassian Blur> radial 10
    On that same copy add a drop shadow - Vertical and Horizontal both set at 1, Opacity at 75, blur of 3, colour back..
    Duplicate this layer twice. Rename them spark 1, spark 2 and spark 3.
    On Spark 1, apply the VM Natural Sparkle filter - sparkle size is 12, all the others stay at 255 except random seed - make that 177.
    On Spark 2, repeat the filter, but change the random seed to 209.
    Then on spark 3, repeat again, changing the random seed to 238.
    Now for the time being, X out spark 2 and 3.
    Return to the main top word of sensuality - the layer with no bur or anything.
    Use your magic wand to select each letter ( wand settings are Add Shift RGB Replace, tolerance 20 )
    Once all of your letters are selected, choose one of your tubes, and paste as a new layer.
    Arrange it so that areas of the tube fall within the selected areas of the text. Once you are happy, Selections > Invert and hit delete on the keyboard.
    If your tube doesn’t cover all the letters, you can repeat the process again, using the same tube, or a different one.- if you do this, merge the tube layers together. Once you are happy with their placement.
    Once you are happy, on the layers palette, change the Blend Mode of the pasted tube to SOFT LIGHT.
    The Merge the tube layer and the text together.
    You should now have your background layer, spark 3 and 2 ( both X’d out ) , Spark 1, and the text layer.
    Take your main tube, and paste as a new layer - position it so its sitting of laying on the text ( see my tag for reference ) I opted to add a glow to my tube to make her stand out - I used eye candy 3, and chose a colour from the tube.
    Now of course, add all © credits, watermarks etc.
    Activate the background layer, and Floodfill with back - this is optional, but my tube looked better against back than white :0)
    Almost there :-)
    In a font of your choice - preferably a script on, type out your name, place so it sits on the main body of the text ( see my tag for reference ) add a glow or drop shadow of your choice.
    Now use your crop tool to get rid of any excess background etc.
    The animation aspect is simple…..
    Make sure that spark 2 and 3 are still X’d out, and Edit > Copy Merged
    Into Ani Shop, and Paste as a New Animation
    Back to psp, X out spark 1, and activate spark 2 Edit > Copy Merged
    Into Ani Shop, Paste AFTER Current frame.
    Repeat for spark 3 layer.
    Once you have all 3 layers in Ani Shop, you can get ready to add the bling.
    The bling I have supplied comes with 16 layers, so we need 16 layers of our main tag - so Edit > Select All, > Edi > Duplicate Selected.
    Repeat until you have a total of 16 layers.
    Now open up your bling, and again Edit > Select All > Edit > Copy
    Back to the tag, and this time Edit > Select Al > Edit > Propagate Paste > Edit > Paste > Into selected frame.
    Position to your liking along the bottom of the tag.
    Now View > Animation and see what you have!
    You may resize if needed, then File > Save As, name and save as a GIF file
    Thanks for trying my tutorial, I Hope you enjoyed it, why not pop any KnKSDesigns sometime and show me your results :-)
    This Tutorial was written by Kells for on September 10 2007.
    All ideas and concepts are my own, any similarities to any other is accidental.
    Please do not redistribute, re-write or claim as your own, see my ToU.
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