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    A study in Blue
    PSP ( I have 9, but this should work in any version )
    Animation Shop
    Tube of choice -
    I have elected to use Anthony Guerra's awe inspiring art for this tutorial, available on Licence through CILM in order to use this image you must visit them to purchase the appropriate package on licence.
    "Bling" of choice, the one used by me belongs to Roberta, who seriously rocks! we miss you hon!!!!!!
    Font of choice, i got BeteNoirA
    New transparent Canvas - 500 x 500 pixels, floodfill with a pale colour from your tube.
    New Layer, draw out a square approx 150 pixels in a dark colour from your tube.
    Leave your foreground as the dark colour, line width of 3, and change the background to your pale colour again. Draw out another square, this time approx 120 pixels.
    Position the sqaures so they over lap ( See tag for placement) and merge them together.
    Add a big drop shadow to this layer - i used Vertical -13, Horizontal 9, opacity 60 and blur 12.80.
    Duplicate this layer, image > flip > image mirror, Image resize to 45%, and position over the top of the other layer, once happy with placement, close the background layer, and merge Visable.
    Duplicate this layer, image Flip> Image mirror Off set this layer so that the squares sit higher on the tag, once happy Merge Visable again.
    Now open your background layer again.
    Now open Up your tube, Edit > Copy, and then close the origional.
    Onto your tag and Paste as New Layer.
    Position it to your liking, and add the same drop shadow used on the box layer.
    Next, grab your selection tool, and use it to select one of the small areas of your boxes.
    Once you have it selected, Edit > >Paste as New Layer,
    Move your tube about til an area you like is positioned within the selected area. Then go to Selections > Invert, and then on the keyboard hit delete.
    Repeat this for any of the other small areas that show on the tag.
    add all your credits and copyright details.
    X out your main tube layer, then merge visable all the rest - including the background.
    Add your name / Text, any drop shadow you like, and merge it together with your tube layer.
    Now we are going into Animation Shop, so, Copy the Merged layer and then in A/S Paste as New Animation.
    We are going to add our bling, so we need to duplicate the tag so it has an equal number of frames as the bling we use.
    If using the bling I am supplying, then you will need 18 frames, so Duplicate until you reach 18.
    Now Open up the bling. The one I have supplied needs resizing - I have resized to 70 pixels, so it fits my small squares - you may need to fool about a bit to achieve a look you are happy with :-)
    Once you have it resized Edit > Select All > Edit > Copy
    Now, back to the 18 frame tag..... Edit > Select All > Edit > Propogate Paste > Edit > Paste Into Selected Layer
    Position your bling by one of the small areas that contains the tube detail.
    Repeat on all of the other small areas that contain tube details.
    Once you are happy, go back to PSP, and activate your tube and name layer, copy and then into Animation Shop, right click, and Paste Into Selected Layer.
    Position it onto your tag.
    View - Animation, if you are happy, then Save As, name and save as a GIF file :-)
    a slightly different version:
    I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, I would love to see your results, so why not stop by KnKSDesigns to show me!
    Tutorial Written by Kells for KnKSDesigns on 30th June 2007.
    All ideas are mine, and any similarities to any other tutorial is accidental and unintentional.
    You may link to this tutorial or print it for your own use, see my ToU but under
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