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  • Merlot's Love Affair

    Merlot’s Love Affair with Kitty
    PSP ( I use X, but this should work in most versions)
    A tube of your choice - I’m using one of the sexy little numbers by Garv… on licence from MPT in order to use this image you must visit them to purchase it on licence.
    Scrap Kit is the Love kit from Monti -
    MASK, If you created this gorgeous mask, please contact me so I can credit you or remove from tutorial )
    DSB Flux Bright Noise
    New Canvas 500x500, Floodfill white.
    Select one of the Dark Papers and paste as a new layer.
    Then take a light paper and Paste as a new layer
    Layers > New Mask Layer > and from the drop down menu select our mask ( APHeart1 )
    Merge Group, and then on the mask layer add Drop Shadow - V = 8, H = 10. Opacity 100, blur = 12.80, colour black.
    Duplicate your Mask Layer twice, for a total of 3 layers.
    Use your magic wand and
    Click on the bar areas of the mask, til you have them all selected.
    On the top copy of the mask layers, apply bright Noise at 50 % Mix, OK
    On the middle copy, apply it at 50 %, MIX twice, then OK
    And on the bottom copy apply it at 50% MIX 3 times then OK.
    Now select None.
    For now, X out the middle and bottom mask layers.
    Copy and Paste your Tube as a New Layer
    Arrange to the left side of the heart, positioned to your liking.
    Add a drop shadow ( same settings we used on the mask )
    Duplicate this layer, drag it down below the masked layers, and position it so an area of your tube is showing through the bars on the bottom right hand side of the mask. Duplicate and mirror the tube.
    On a new layer add all your © credits
    Now its time to add any of the elements you care to, from the scrap kit, I chose one of the hearts, just copy and paste, position to your liking, and add any drop shadow you want.
    Lastly add your name in a font of your choice. Add a good drop shadow - I used the same one we used on the mask and tube.
    Now to animate - you all know how I usually do it…. But, just in case……
    Make sure the middle and bottom Mask Layers are X’d out, and then Edit > Copy Merged
    Into AS and Paste as a New Animation
    Back to psp, X out that top Mask layer, and open the middle one….Edit > Copy Merged, into AS and Paste AFTER current frame…back to psp, and repeat the process for that 3rd mask layer…..
    View Animation….. If ya happy, then name it and save As a GIF File )
    Thanks for trying my tutorial, I Hope you enjoyed it, why not pop by KnKSDesigns sometime and show me your results :-)
    This Tutorial was written by Kells for on August 6th 2007
    All ideas and concepts are my own, any similarities to any other is accidental.
    Please do not redistribute, re-write or claim as your own, see my ToU.
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