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    This tutorial is dedicated to my friend and forum partner Kells.Thanks for shoving me into the world of forum management and ownership LOL. Who would have thought my evil twin and I would have found such a perfect triplet to join us. This tutorial was written by me on November 8, 2007. This is my work. It is registered with TWI. Please do NOT copy it.Any similarity to any other tutorial is entirely coincidental and un-intentional.
    I am using the awesome work of Carlo Diez. Please do not use his work without a license. You can obtain this at CILM.
    Supplies include the render The render was made by me, please do NOT use it in another tutorial or share it without my permission. You can, however find the awesome tutorial to make the render at .
    The mask unable to supply so please use one of your choice.
    I have not included the preset shape I used as I am not sure it is allowed to be shared. If you do not have this shape, any heart Preset shape will work!
    Plug ins used: eyecandy 5 impact Glass, Lokas Shadow 3D, eyecandy 4000 Gradient Glow.
    Font: I used AL Professor.
    Let us begin!
    Open a 600x600 transparent image.Open your render and colorize to match your tube. Minimize. Go into patterns and set Fill to your render. Line width 5 in a dark color from your tube. Find your preset heart shape and draw out a large heart. (the color code I am using is 593838). Add a drop shadow of choice. I used Lokas 3D preset flat faint on default settings.Now use Eyecandy 5 Impact Glass on your heart.
    Choose a font (I used AL Professor) and write out my message or your own on your heart. Place as you like it. (I rotated mine 15 degrees to left). Add a fat white eyecandy 4 Gradient Glow.
    Add a new Raster layer on bottom. Flood fill with same color you used for heart stroke. Apply mask. New mask layer from disk, locate mask dmsk0068.

    Add tube of choice. Apply same Lokas drop shadow as you did before.
    Add your copyright information. Please make sure it is clear and legible. Add your name. I used same font. Stroke 1 same as heart, render fill. Gradient Glow 3, fat, white. Drop shadow 2, 2, 50, 5. Now, duplicate your heart twice for a total of three layers.On bottom original, go to Eyecandy 5 Nature Fire.
    Apply these settings:

    repeat on other two layers, clicking random seed once for each layer. Now we are ready to animate. X out your two duplicate layers of fire.Copy merged into AS.X out original layer and un-x second layer. Copy merged in AS.Repeat for third layer.I set AS speed to 25.View animation.
    Save as a GIF and you are done!
    Hope you enjoyed making your own creation!
    ęKitty November 2007
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