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  • Mischief Electrified

    This tutorial is dedicated to my evil twin…the person who has held my hand and made me laugh my butt off over the past coupla years. Where I would be without her would not be a nice place.Thankies Trishy..I love ya!
    This tutorial was written in PSP X on November 8, 2007. Its creation is my own. Any similarity to any other tutorial is a coincidence and un-intended.This work is registered with TWI. Please do not copy it! I am using the gorgeous artwork of Olivia. Please do not use her work without a license. You may find her and licensing at CILM.
    Supplies : you need a mask of your choice, I have not supplied the one I used.
    Plug ins used: AlienSkin Xenofex 2 Electrify, eyecandy 4000 gradient glow
    This is a simple tutorial but getting the colors exactly right on the mask takes up most of it!
    Open a 600x600 transparent image.New raster layer. Flood fill with Gradient foreground/background using the colors 638b70 and black. (or colors of your choice). Radial gradient. Repeats set at 0 for this fill. Then go to layers, load mask from disk, find your mask..zuzzanna_14.Use these settings:Source luminance, fit to canvas, invert checked, hide all mask, click ok. Merge group.Duplicate this layer twice for a total of 3 layers.
    Now, to perfect your color on your mask. Go back to gradients. Choose the same foreground/background but this time set your repeats to 23. Still set on Radial gradient.

    New raster layer. Flood fill with this gradient. Repeat loading your same mask again.Put this mask layer on top of your three duplicated layers. the colors should be just right now.Now, one more raster layer, flood fill with black and send to bottom!Place your tube of choice centered in mask or as you like it.Around your tube add a eyecandy 4000 gradient glow, set at 3, medium and white. Now, back to the three layers you made with your mask.Starting on the first layer (bottom up is my preference), go to Electrify and use these settings:
    repeat for next two layers, hitting random seed ONCE for each layer.
    Add your copyright info now. Please make sure it is clear and readable!! Add your name. I used the font ARKHAM. No stroke, fill is the same color gradient, repeats set at 7. Add a gradient glow, 3, fat, white.
    Now we are ready to animate!X out your top 2 mask layers with the electrify on them.Copy merge into AS.Back in PSP X out first layer, un-X second layer…Copy merged in ASContinue in this fashion for third layer.I set my animation speed at 30 if you wish to do same.
    Happy? Save it as a GIF and you are done!
    Hope you enjoyed it and created something of your very own!
    ©Kitty November 2007
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