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  • Retro Lily

    This tutorial was written by Kitty on November 15, 2007. Any resemblance to any other tutorial is coincidence and un-intended. This tutorial is registered with TWI. Please do NOT copy it!
    I am using the fabulous work of Myka Jelina. Please do not use her work unless you have a license to do so. You can get her work and a license at CILM.
    This tutorial assumes you have a good working knowledge of PSP.It was written in PSP X but will work in other.
    Supplies: yin yang present shape and retro brush. Place the shape in your preset shape folder and the brush into your brush folder.
    Plug ins needed:
    DSB Flux Bright noise
    Eyecandy 4000 Gradient Glow
    Lets begin!
    Open a 600x600 transparent canvas.
    Choose a color from your tube (I used 51a4e).Set this as your background fill. Stroke set to black, line width 3.
    Find your yinyang preset shape and draw out a large one. See my tag.
    Take your magic wand, tolerance 0 and click inside one side of the yinyang and in the small circle in the opposite side. Selections, modify, expand by 2.
    Open a new raster layer.
    Flood fill your selection with black.
    Select none.
    Go back to your original yin yang layer and select the blue (or whatever color you have used) portions of it with your magic wand.
    Duplicate twice for a total of three layers.
    On the first layer apply DSB Flux Bright noise at 25, mix once.
    Second layer, 25, mix twice.
    Third layer, 25, mix three times.
    Select none.
    Place your tube where you like it.
    Apply a gradient glow, 3, fat and white.
    Add a drop shadow of choice.
    New raster layer, flood fill with white.
    Apply the retro brush to your liking in the color to match your tube. Lower the opacity of this layer to about 55.
    New raster layer, flood fill with white and send to bottom.
    Now add your copyright information. Please make sure it is clear and legible.
    Now add your name.
    I used font 4MagicDNA, Stroke 1 black, fill color to match your tube.Apply an Inner bevel to your name

    Now apply a 3, fat, white gradient glow and drop shadow of choice.
    Time to animate!
    X out your top two layers of yinyang with noise.
    Copy merged into AS.
    Return to PSP, x out first layer and un-x second layer.
    Copy merged. Repeat for third layer.
    Check your animation.
    Happy? Save as a GIF!
    Hope you have enjoyed making your own creation!
    ęKitty, registered with TWI on November 15, 2007.
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