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  • You WILL be Mine

    This tutorial was written by Kitty on January 20, 2008. Any resemblance to any other tutorial is coincidence and un-intended.This is MY work, please do not claim it as your own. It is registered with TWI. Please read my TOU on my tut page before continuing. This tutorial was written in PSP X with the assumption you have a working knowledge of PSP.
    I am using the work of Rion Vernon (Pinuptoons). Please do not use his work unless you have a license to do so. You can purchase his work and a license at CILM.
    SUPPLIES: include the heart doodle, the Gabee heart mask, the silver heart charm and the diamond. I gathered these supplies through various groups and if they are yours please contact me and I will remove them or credit them properly immediately. Gabee is very generous with the sharing of her masks, please keep her file names intact! thank you!The white roses are Rainbow Coffi and can be found under her Flowers at PSP Playground. It is free to join. Place the mask in your psp mask files.
    PlugIns Used:
    DSB Flux Bright Noise
    Mura Meister: Copies
    Let us begin!
    Open a 600x600 white canvas.
    New Raster Layer, flood fill with bb2a2a or a color to match your tube.Layers>new mask from disk>find the gabee valentine 1 mask and apply>source luminance>fit to layer>Invert transparency>hide all mask are ticked>click ok. Merge group.
    Open your diamond and place around the ends of the hearts. Duplicate as many times as needed. X out all layers EXCEPT your diamonds and merge visible. Now duplicate your merged diamond layer twice for a total of three. On your first diamond layer, apply DSB Flux Bright Noise set at 50>mix once. On your second layer, 50>mix twice. On your third layer, 50>mix three times.
    In the center of the mask circle type the words You Will be Mine.
    I used the font Saginaw in black. Go to Mura Meisters>Copies. Use these settings:
    Using your eraser, erase any words outside the mask center.
    Copy and paste your tube into mask center and carefully erase around the bottom so it is inside the mask circle.
    Add your doodles to the top of the mask.
    Add your silver heart charms, go to Adjust>Sharpen on each heart charm.
    Then erase a bit of the loop to make it look as though it hangs off the doodle.
    Add a white rose to the bottom.
    Resize as you like. Duplicate and mirror it.
    Now add your copyright. Please make sure it is clear and legible!
    Add your name. I used Times New Romance font. You can find this by googling. Add an inner bevel of choice, a gradiant glow >3>Fat>white and a drop shadow of choice.
    At this point I erased parts of the roses on my name until I liked how they appeared.
    Now to animate!
    X out your top two merged diamond layers. Copy merged into AS.Back to psp and X out your first diamond layer, UN-x your second layer, copy merged into AS. Repeat same for third layer.
    View animation….Happy? Save as a GIF and you are done!
    Hope you enjoyed creating!
    ©Kitty January 20, 2008
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