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  • Taking Flight

    This tutorial was written by Kitty on January 20, 2008. Any resemblance to any other tutorial is coincidence and un-intended. This is my work, please do not claim it as your own. It is registered with TWI. Please read my TOU at the top of my page before you begin. This tutorial was written in PSP X with the assumption you have good working knowledge of PSP.
    I wrote this tut with the *quiet* member of my forum in mind.Angelflower, you are quiet, but a huge part of our home! Thanks for being a noodle!
    I am using the unique work of Fastner&Lawson. Please do not use their work unless you have a license to do so. You can purchase the tubes and license at CILM.
    There are no supplies included for this tutorial. All you will need is Rainbow Coffi’s colored clouds. You can find her awesome tubes at PSP Playground. It is free to join. I cannot share the mask I used so use a mask of your choice or create bubbles on the background layer and reduce opacity!
    PlugIns used:
    Eye Candy 5 Impact, motion trail
    Filters Unlimited 2 edge effects
    Everything else is standard to PSP.
    Let us begin!
    Open a 600x600 canvas. Flood fill with white.
    New raster layer.
    Flood fill with 5a388a or a color to match your tube.
    Layers>load mask from disk>choose the Bubbles mask>source luminance, fit to layer, hide all mask. Click ok. Merge group.
    Resize this mask by 90% TWICE.
    Go to Filters Unlimited>Round edge effects>round edge 01 and apply.
    Get your preshape tool, set to Ellipse. Stroke set to same color as your mask. Fill is NIL. Line width 5. Draw out a nice sized circle (see my tag for reference). Convert to raster.With your magic wand, select the inside of the circle.Go to Effects>Artistic Effects>balls and bubbles. Apply with these settings: set your color to the same purple and
    Copy and paste your tube inside your circle. Erase what you need to have it fit nicely inside and appearing to float on the bubbles. Add a drop shadow of 2, 2, 50, 5 to the tube. Now duplicate your circle layer. On the ORIGINAL layer go to Adjust>Blur>Gaussian Blur set at 18.00.
    Back on your Duplicate circle layer, go to Eye Candy 5 Impact, Motion Trail, select Superman. Click ok. Apply an inner bevel to whole layer with these settings:
    Now lets add some clouds. Place them about as you wish to make it appear the circle floats in the sky. I added the same drop shadow as above to the clouds.
    Lets add our words around the circle. You can use mine or some of your own. Font used was Saginaw, size 30 points, color same as circle. Grab your preset shape tool again, set to ellipse. Draw a line width 1 circle, fill NUL around the outside of your main circle.
    With the circle still vector, change the purple to your fill color.
    Select your font and hold your mouse on the vector circle until the A appears with a curve under it. Type out your phrase as you wish. When you are done, click the + sign next to your vector circle. When it drops down, hide the circle part, click the + again and convert to raster. This will leave just your words.
    Now add your copyright, please make sure it is clear and legible!
    Add your name using the same font. I added an inner bevel to my name. Drop shadow same as before.
    Done! Hope you enjoyed creating something fun!
    ©Kitty, January 20, 2008
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