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    This tutorial was written on August 5, 2008 by Kitty. It is registered with TWI. Any resemblence to any other tutorial is coincidental and not intended.
    Please do not copy or claim my work as your own. Please refer to my TOU at the top of my tutorial list page.
    This tutorial was written in PSP X with the assumption you have a working knowledge of PSP.
    I am using the gorgeous FTU work of Soa Lee, . Please please do NOT use her work without permission. It is very kind of her to still share her work FTU and it is only polite to ASK FIRST!
    I am using the magical scrap kit *Twilight Magic* by Crimson Butterfly.
    You can find her at
    Digital Chaos.
    Go seeeeeeee!!
    You will need ALienskin Xenofex2 Constellation
    You also need to go HERE and download Gabeemask39.

    Open a 600x600 white canvas.
    Paste a paper as new layer. Apply your mask. INVERT IS CHECKED.
    Merge Group.
    Now duplicate your mask layer twice for a total of three.
    On your first mask layer, apply Constellation using the bling setting, change the size to 6.
    On your second mask layer apply again, hitting random seed once.
    Repeat on third layer. Close off layers two and three for now.
    Copy and paste your doodle.
    Image mirror. Merge down.
    Duplicate, image flip.
    Apply a light drop shadow.
    Paste your oval frame as a new layer.
    Click inside frame with your magic wand, Selections, Modify, expand 5.
    Paste a paper of choice, Selections, Invert, delete on paper layer.
    Pull the paper layer under the frame.
    Paste your tube as new layer.
    Take your eraser tool and erase the parts of the tube hanging over the frame at this time.
    (since the selection remains inverted only the parts outside the frame will erase!)
    Paste one of your sets of rose flowers. Using your pick tool angle them until they are nice placed beside the frame. See my tag for example.
    Apply a drop shadow. Duplicate and mirror.
    I also added the alpha word MAGIC and used my pick tool to rotate it and placed it at the top left. I added a gradiant glow of 3, fat, white and drop shadow.
    Now, take your freehand tool (the lasso) Selection type Freehand, Mode is add(shift) feather is 0.
    Carefully draw around the smoke coming out of the vase (if you are using the same tube or any tube with such a thing)
    Once you have done this, duplicate your tube layer twice for a total of three.
    On the first layer, Adjust, Add noise, 25/ random/ monochrome unchecked
    On the second layer change to 30, apply
    On the third layer, change to 35, apply.
    Selections, Select none.
    Now apply your copyright. Please make sure it is legible!
    Add your name. I used the Polonaise font with a fill of 121f77. I applied a gradiant glow same as above and a drop shadow.
    Now its time to animate.
    Close off your top two tube layers.
    Your top two mask layers should still be closed.
    Copy merged into AS. Paste as new animation.
    Back in PSP, close off your first tube and mask layers.
    Open the second ones, copy merged into AS, paste after currrent frame.
    Repeat for third layers.
    View your animation. If you are happy save as a GIF and you are done!!
    I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!
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