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  • Piano Lady

    This tutorial was written on August 6, 2008 by Kitty. It is registered with TWI. Any resemblence to any other tutorial is coincidence and not intended.
    Please do not copy or claim my work as your own. Please refer to my TOU at the top of my tutorial list page.
    This tut was written in PSPX with the assumption you have a working knowledge of psp.
    I am using the gorgeous work of Olivia. Please do not use her work without a license from CILM.
    I am also using the gorgeous scrap kit *Music In My Soul* by Crimson Butterfly.
    You can find GGS at Digital Chaos -
    Outside filters:
    Xenofex2, constellaton
    No other supplies needed.
    Open a 600x600 white canvas.
    Paste your piano keys paper as a new layer. this is going to be your background.
    Open the paper with the writing and take your selection tool and draw around the red words. Edit Copy, Edit paste as new layer.
    Now take your preset shape tool, line width 5, color of your choice (I used red) and draw a frame around your words.
    With your magic wand, select your frame and duplicate twice for a total of three. On the first layer, apply Xenofex2 Constellation,
    blingbling, size 4.76, 25, 19, 0, 100, 75, 45 keep original image. Repeat on next two layers hitting random seed once on each.
    On your Piano Key paper you will apply the same constellaton setting but only once. This part is not animated.
    Paste your tube as new layer and apply drop shadow.

    Open your musical note elements and the star beads.
    I left two of the notes a large size and place to the right of the tube. Apply a drop shadow.
    Resize your star beads and place along the bottom of the framed words you made. Apply drop shadow.
    resize your musical notes and place as you wish. I applied a gradiant glow to mine of 3, fat, white and a drop shadow.
    I always use 2, 2,50, 5 unless otherwise stated.
    Add your copyrights. Please make sure they are clear and legible.
    Add your name. I used the font Natalya, stroke 2 black, fill same red as my frame. I applied a gradiant glow (same as above), an inner bevel and then a drop shadow in that order.
    Time to Animate.
    Close off your top two frame layers.
    Copy merged and paste into AS as new animation.
    Back to PSP, close off your bottom layer and open the second frame layer. Copy merged to AS, paste after current frame.
    Repeat this with third layer.
    View your animation.
    Save as a GIF and you are done!

    Hope you enjoyed this!
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