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  • Site Rules

    We have very few rules set in place here. The few we have are set to protect you, ourselves and site, and the artists who kindly grant us their permissions.

    Please abide by our regulations at all times. Failure to do so, can and will lead to memberships cancellation.

    1. By entering our site or registering as a member, you are agreeing that you are over the age of 18, and aware that we post some mild adult content.

    2. We are a Copyright aware group, so please Always give credit where credit is due, abiding by artist ToU at all times.

    3. If you post a tag without full copyright credits we WILL delete it, and an explaination will be posted. Noone gets into trouble for a genuine error.

    4. We would like for you to post an Introduction about yourself within 7 days of registering, this is a compulsary requirement. Failure to meet this requirement will result in your membership being removed. You may re apply afterwards if you feel you have found the time to participate in the group. You Must also Sign the Read and Undertood Rules thread, you have 7 days to do so after joining, before member cancellation. We then require you to actually participate in the forum and activities.
    Participation means posting, playing the games and or doing the challenges - requesting and picking up tags is NOT participating, and neither is visiting just once a week to vote.
    We wish to have active members and not lurkers just wanting tutorials! We understand real life and if you need to be away, please post a leave of absence in the proper thread!
    If you are here to lurk, or cannot spare time to visit us reguarly and say hello and play, then please dont bother joining.

    5. If you have any issues with another member, or manager, we ask that you keep it to email, and off site, DO NOT bring it onto our boards, such behaviour will result in immediate banning of membership.

    6. The most important rule of the group.... we want you all to have fun, and enjoy our little home!

    The Owners Steph and Kells and Kitty , retain the right to amend, change and add any details to these rules and guidelines at any time. They also retain the right to cancel membership of any members failing to follow the site rules or compromising the harmony of the site or well being of our members without Notice or explaination.

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