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    Terms Of Use
    All Kells Tutorials, Masks and Scrap Kits ( that are listed as Kells ) are Kells own creation, and as such are to Kells. This means you must not copy, rewrite, redistribute them or claim them as your own. ALL KnKSDesigns tuts are registered with the TWI and any violations will be reported, traced and action taken.
    Tutorial etc listed as Kittys are created by her alone, and as such are to them.
    All Tutorials are written by the In House Tutorial Writers ( Kells, Kitty ) using artists which have granted us permission, or who's licences we have individually purchased, we are 100% safe, and do not share or supply the tubes used with tutorials unless we have express permission from the artist to do so.
    The ideas, etc. contained within the tutorials are our own, and any similarities to other tutorials is purely coincidental.
    The tags you create from our tutorials are yours to do with as you please as long as it for no monetary gain :0)- Including NOT selling them to MPT.
    No Hotlinking it is Bandwidth Theft!
    If you have permission to link to us, please use a TEXT link ONLY,
    We can see EVERYONE who enters this forum. Our Logs WILL show your IP and group name. If you are found not following our TOU you WILL be caught, reported and dealt with. Your IP will also be banned.
    No offering the scrap kits in your group, they want them, they have to come and get them!
    Do Not snag our Tutorial Tags! They were created by Us for the purpose of the tutorial,with images we have permisson to use. If you like the tag, follow the tutorial using your images you have permission to use!
    Sorry, but we do not allow translation of tutorials at this time. Nor do we allow 'Scripting' of our tutorials, The point of them is to teach you in individual steps how to create something in PsP!
    Nothing offered at this site can be used for any profit or monetary gain. It is against all artists ToU for their work to be used in such a way, and as we spend hours and hours creating the tags, kits and tuts for free we would not be happy for someone else to profit from our hard work and time.
    You may print out, (or save to your hard drive) the tutorials for your reference. Do Not email them, or share them in any way other than text linking (for which you need our permission)
    If you would like to use my tutorials or scrap kits in your group for challenges, lessons and the such, or, if you would to use my scrap kits to create tutorials please email us - contact details for all of us are HERE, we will require a note about what you want to use, and what for, and a group URL, We tend not to Bite! (well, Not hard! ;-D ) and permission will almost always be granted if you just ask nicely! We will require you to place the KnKSDesigns banner on your site with the link link, we may also ask you to allow one of us to join your group so we can see what its all about :-)
    Be aware that we only ever grant permission to groups that are 100 % copyright safe and compliant.
    Lastly we Love to see what you have done so why not pop back sometime and show us what you made! Not a rule, or a ToU, just a genuine curiosity to see your creations!
    KnKsDesigns is now *Hosting* tutorials written by some of our members.
    Please assume ALL tutorials hosted on this site follow the same ToU laid out above UNLESS the tut writer specifies differently on the tutorial itself :0)

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