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  • KnKS Motto & Poems

    The Parlour, The Forum, It's all in the name
    But KnKS is just always the same.
    Four years now have gone so fast
    No doubt at all we are going to last!

    Together we laughed, together we cried
    All of us always at each other's side.
    If you have a problem, come in and share
    Nothing is too much for us to bear.

    We tease each other and "take the mick"
    But that is just what makes us noodles tick.
    We love to laugh, we love to share
    Whatever life brings we always will care.

    Here are the noodles so wave to them all
    Line up for inspection along the hall
    If you're not mentioned please don't fear
    We love you the same and hold you dear.

    Gale causing havoc wherever she goes,
    What she will do next, nobody knows.
    Carol posting jokes which makes us so groan
    But leaving us smiling and without a moan

    Angie is "posing" and using her Bryce
    Whips up a poser in only a trice.
    Owl is tagging like a well oiled machine
    The likes of her speed has never been seen

    Kells is cooking, tiling and tagging
    How does she do it with energy unflagging?
    Terry is scrapping and now posing too
    Wonder what else she will find to do

    Tilly is teasing, tagging and slapping
    While Kitty takes over the role of napping!
    Lulu is Kindling and Rox is stamping
    Did I mention Kells is camping?

    Faye has cheered us up with comps
    Shelli has shared all her travelling romps
    Trish in the background whip in hand
    Ready to deal with the recalcitrant band!

    Angel works hard though you don't always see
    And Sass pops in with a tag or three
    Shelli is taking us on her trip
    The way things are going she will need a ship!

    Karma runs contests and has secrets galore
    Hoping this year to see some more.
    Cris treats us all with wonderful tags
    Varsha keeps us amused with jokes and gags

    Wendy is our "looney" from down in Oz
    We love her so - and just because
    Babzy and Marway pop in when they can
    Of their tags we are all a fan

    Jewel and Val - they do not tag
    Working with filters is just "not their bag"
    But we love them so much it's really okay
    It's great to see them posting away

    We can't forget our lovely and single man
    Our Davie who keeps the Forum on plan
    With Davie around we are so blessed
    Stopping the forum from going sou'west!

    So Happy Birthday - let's break out the beer
    And give one enormous and resounding cheer
    For KnKS and it's noodles so arty
    Let's get on down and party party!



    To Kitty and Kells,
    First i have to say that i could not have done this without the help of ConnieRae and Krissy. I shared my idea ConnieRae and she told Krissy and they made it happen! You both deserve to be spoiled the way you spoil us.
    You guys have done so much more than I think you realize here.
    Not only have you given us an Awesome place to come and chat, play games and psp, you have given us a place to call home, with friends and Family alike. Both of you are so generous to us and you are always there when someone needs you.
    Not just for questions about the forum or psp, but also when we need an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on! You both laugh when we laugh, cry when we cry, you congratulate us on our progress and growth of all kinds, You truly have made this place a second home to our real life ones.
    And it is not physically knowing or seeing someone that binds a friendship. It is the emotional ties between people that binds them together. And YES, I truly believe that emotional ties can be made just by talking with someone, even if you have no clue who they are or what they look like. I am very honored to be a part of this family and i could never thank you both enough for all that you have done and will continue to do here at our little home. You are so generous and caring always thinking about others, and gifting us with gifts and prizes even though you know some of us are not ever able to do the same for you. You guys have been through a lot since I have been here and you have shown such courage and support by muttling through everything and still being here with us at the same time. Giving us support and courage through all of our ups and downs as well.
    You are truly two very special people and you should be proud of your selves. I know there is one very special Guardian Angel who would be so proud of you both and you know who i am talking about.
    Thank you both so very much for everything you have done for me and for making this a place to call home!!


    "This is the only place where I felt welcome from the word go, even though I got the third degree from da Kellsinator as to how I had heard of the place, cuz I was their first 'outsider' to apply!
    Anyway, I love the place, it's small and friendly and we have a great mix of noodles here and encouragement, sympathy, excitement, good wishes and prayers etc are always forthcoming when needed (even a little bit of chastisement from da Whip when necessary!), and you don't doubt that people mean what they say
    May we have many more years of the same, says I"

    "KnKS is my playground where I come to de-stress (unless I play the games lol) and relax. I can come in here knowing that everyone is very friendly, if I need help, advice or a shoulder I will get be supported.

    I have made some wonderful friendships here and I am looking forward to another year of building on those friendship and making new ones too. "

    "wonderful place to be part of great noodles and i love you all"

    "Well i Met Kell through DC and she came me one day n email bout awnting to tut one my kits...
    So we added one another and got to talking and she told me bout KNKS. So i joined and been a member for some time now
    and love the place...So i told few friends
    (Rose,Gale,Babzy) Bout this awesome place and how the people are great and so friendly.....And now look Gales addicted..
    I Love everyone here and KNK.....thats wut ya call family"

    "KnKs is a place for dreaming... I know during the day that when I will arrive at home I can enter in my private space of happiness. I will not feel alone and I will discover awesome tags and perhaps one of them is for me"

    "This was the first forum I joined, and my god, was I lost or was I lost, you must have cursed Charlii and Tilly for telling me about this place, and you must have wondered why on earth you let me in. BUT, I was never made to feel stupid, just pushed gently in the right direction. That's was I love about this place, everyone so helpful, and encouraging. I come in here as often as I can, not as often as I would like, but I love all the challenges, and I've met some really good friends here. To sum up, I LOVE IT HERE, and a big thank you from this little wet noodle

    "I first discovered KnKS when i was directed here for a tut. did the tut and then i decided to give it a try....i hate forums. but this place is the bestest place on the net. Everyone treats each other as an equal, no one thinks they are better than everyone else....etc. If i had to call someplace home away from home, KnKS would be that place"

    "Wow Dont Get Me Started!
    When Foxy told me bout this awesome place I was like.. but its a forum! I dont understand how to get around Forums! She told me she would help me... and dat Babzy and I should join, cos the team and members were awesome!
    Well... shes so right... I know Im still a newbie to some of u guys, but no one treats me like that, and I have been made to feel like one of the Noodles... and Trish hadda put up with quiet a few mistakes when I first joined here. At first I was like.. ackkkk... Im never gonna get this right... but everyone dat noticed me gettin in trouble, helped me get back on my feet and do things the right way... and let me know I was not the only one makin mistakes.
    I love this place... I love u all... Its my new family... Me and Babzy have been in many groups on MSN before... and this is by far the best place I have ever entered.. Yall are so so stuck with me... I dont know if dats a good thing or a bad thing... but ur STUCK ! I have set roots and picked my own lil corner and Im not budgin from here!
    And Kitty... I love gettin picked on by u lol.. dont ever stop.. u dont know how good it feels to know u know u can do dat and I wont be runnin!
    I LOVE KNKS!!!!!!!!!!"

    "I LOVE KnKS! Even if i dont do much, this is where i spend most of my time when i am online. Everyone here makes you feel welcome and "wanted", lol. Words cant even describe what this place means to mean, i would be lost without it!"

    "It's a place where you are never alone. When you feel down there is always somethere for you. Thanks everyone "

    "Well Ive known Charlii, Owl, Bahiti, Goldie and Tilly basically since I started PSPing and have always been with them and so when msn decided it was gonna close its doors I was directed here and havent left. I come here more then any other group or site and love seeing what people have been making me..

    I have so many cds full of tags made by all the wonderful girls here..and have them playing on my digital photo frame so I can see them all..

    I love KnKS so much!!!!"

    " I LOVE KnKs. It's my way to de-stress at the end of a long and hard day at work!! I gave up all my other Psp groups a month after I started here as I felt that I get everything I need from this forum!!"

    "I found KnKS through a tut. I've never been a lover of forums but decided to join even though I didn't know anyone here but that changed very quickly.... lol.

    I now call it my home, I was made to feel welcome from day 1. Everyone was great, Kitty and Kells encouraged me & have helped me through some good and bad times. I love them dearly.

    To me, the people here are family. I know when they say something that they mean it. They are supportive, caring and can make me laugh when I'm not feeling that way inclined.

    I feel I have been nurtured and have learned so much, I could go on and on about how I feel but then I'd have to make it a book. I've made so many friends here and I'm here for the long haul ... lol"

    "I started out in an MSN PSP group.
    And I came here through one of Kells' tuts.
    Then the other group sort of fizzled out, and so i started spending more time here...
    and now, I think of you all as dear friends!
    There is so much support and encouragement here.
    And things to keep you occupied when you have too much time on your hands.

    I would be lost without you all!"

    "I love this place I was so welcomed when i first came here and still continue to be. I love getting to know all of you. I feel really blessed to be a part of such a wonderful group of ladies. Thank you for all the support and friendship. "

    "This is home to me. Well my second home anyways. I know that when I come in here, I can be myself and not be judged. I know that I can expect fun and friendship.

    I know that if I make a mistake, I'm not going to get yelled at, cursed at, etc. That instead, a gentle reminder and encouragement.

    I have never regretted the decision to begin participating instead of just hanging out on the sidelines and watching others. I know that even if I feel that my tags stink, that there is someone who thinks they are good.

    I just really don't know what to say since there is so much TO say, but words just escape me most times. Just know that I love this place and everyone here."

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