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  • In Loving Memory

    This page has been assembled, by me, Kells, as a collage tribute to Stephs memory.

    The tags you are viewing are a combination of Tags Steph made, and some of her favorite tags others made her.

    Steph was one of the origional Founders and Owners of KnKSDesigns - hense the *S* part of our name :0)

    After she passed away on August 31st 2007, Kitty and I decided to keep her membership here perminant, set as our * Guardian Angel *

    In light of this RoseAngel kindly designed a special tag.

    Her * baby * Sammy
    featured in several of her tags and Avatars

    A Mixture of Stephs Creations, and others Created and Gifted to her by Friends

    If you have a tag that Steph made for you that you would like to show here, please conatct

    Please Note: we are Aware that sone of the credits on some of the tags are not as clear as they should be, however, since Steph has passed, we are unable to amend these tags to make them clear, and we have been given permission by Michelle of CILM to keep the licenced tags up as part of the memorial.

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