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    This tutorial was written by me, RyLee on April 9, 2008. It is registered with TWI. Please do not copy or claim as your own. Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely a coincidence and un-intentional. Please refer to my “Terms of Use” at the beginning of the tutorial page. I am using PSPX2, but can be easily done in any version with some knowledge of PSP.

    I am using the gorgeous art of Jamie Kidd. Please do notUse her art without the proper licensing. You can purchase her art and a license from CILM.

    The scrap kit that I used is “Happy Times” made by

    “Missy” from Misfits Scrapz at

    Please follow their TOU’s

    Thank you Yvette and Missy for your gorgeous kits!!!

    This tutorial is rather simple.

    Plug Ins:

    Eye Candy~Gradient Glow

    Supplies needed: An ultrasound picture or whatever you choose to use.

    The scrap kit I used or another of you choice.

    Just a little bit of imagination and creativity!!!

    Lets begin

    Open a 600 x 600 image (you can resize at the end.) Flood fill with white.

    Choose a paper, of choice, copy and paste as a new layer.(You may add a mask of choice if you want too.) Next, choose a frame, copy/paste as a new layer, resize if need to.

    You may change the color, by going to“adjust/hue & saturation/colorize. Play around with the settings to obtain the color of choice.

    Make sure you are on the frame layer, and with the magic wand, click inside the frame.

    Make sure you get all the little parts of the frame.

    Once you have the marching ants, go to select/modify/expand by 4.

    Copy and paste as a new layer the ultrasound picture or picture of choice, (resize if need too), and on your keyboard, hit the delete key. This will delete the excess picture around the outside of the frame.Then select/select none. Move your picture under the frame. Add a drop shadow of choice to your frame, highlight the frame layer, merge down.

    Almost done.

    Add any elements that you want to use, resize if you have too.

    Add your tube of choice. Add drop shadows of choice to the elements and the tube.

    Crop any excess and resize.

    Now is the best time to resize before you add the credits.

    I used P22 Ruthie for the font with a whiteGradient glow, but you can achieve the same effectWith a white drop shadow. Add the copyright credits for the artist.

    If you are using a personal photo, you may want to putPhotograph or ultrasound by “your name”.

    Please make sure that the credits are clear.

    Please do not use the © sign for your photo if you are using CILM tubes.

    Once you have done all the above, merge visible and save as a .png or .jpeg.

    Told you it was simple!!!! Be creative, use your imagination. Whatever you create is yours, and you should be proud of it.

    Thank you for trying my first tutorial.

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