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  • Angel of Rock

    This Tutorial was written by me, Angel Flower, from my own ideas. Any similarities to others is coincedence. All my tutorials are registered with TWI.
    For this tutorial you will need
    A tube of choice. I am using the work of
    Myka Jelina. In order to use the image in this tutorial you MUST purchase it from CILM
    Grungy type mask of choice. I am using a mask by WeeScottLass, wsl_mask60.
    Filters-DSB Flux linear transmission, Eye candy 4000(optional), Muras Meister Copies

    New image-500x500-transparent.
    Flood fill with black.
    Add a new layer and choose a color from your tube. Flood fill this layer with the color you chose.
    Go to layers-load/save mask-load mask from disk. Find your mask in the drop box,source luminance, fit to layer, and hide all checked.
    Right click on the mask layer and choose merge group. Now resize by going to image-resize-about 115 percent, all layers unchecked.
    Duplicate this layer and go to effects-plugins-dsb flux-linear transmission-4,5,50,horizontal. The go to effects-edge effects-enhance.
    Grab your text tool and in a font and color of choice, type out the words Angel Of Rock or words of choice.
    Right click this layer and convert to raster. Center it in your tag and duplicate. Move the duplicate below the orignal just a little and position more to the left of the tag.
    Duplicate this one and move the duplicate right next to it. Now right click on this layer and go merge down. Do this until all three text layers are merged into one.
    On your text layer, go to effects, plugins, muras meister copies, in the preset drop box, the one below the preview screen, choose tiling, then in the other three it is line, tile,and blend. Settings are
    1,50,50,0,0,0,100,0,100,-19,0,30,0. Still on this layer, apply your mask again as we did earlier and merge group.
    Add a new layer. On this layer i used my picture tubes tool and add a flower that i had in my picture tubes in the top left corner. Position how i have mine, so that only half of the flower can be seen. See my tag
    for reference. Once happy, duplicate this and go image, mirror. Merge these two layers together. Duplicate the merged layer and go image flip. And merge these two so now all your flowers should be on one layer
    and there should be one in each corner. Right click on this layer and change the blend to hard light and the opacity to 15.
    Add your tube as a new layer. Resize if needed. Center it in your tag. Give it a drop shadow of choice. I used eye candy 4000 shadow lab with these settings-direction of 189,28.80,59,3.11,0,color black, draw only checked.
    You can get a similar effect using the normal drop shadow effect also if you dont have eye candy 4000.
    Now is the time if you wish to resize your entire tag to do so. Go to image-resize-choose pixels, and make sure all layers and lock aspect ratio is checked, then change it to the size you want.
    Add your copyright so it is clearly visible.
    Add your name. Give your name a different drop shadow.
    Thats it, save and you are done!
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