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  • Drops of Love

    This Tutorial was written by me, Angel Flower, from my own
    ideas. Any similarities to others is coincedence. All my tutorials
    are registered with TWI.
    For this tutorial you will need
    Scrapkit. I am using a PTU kit called Tear Drops of Love by Foxy at You can purchase the kit here:
    Tube of choice. I am using the work of Keith Garvey, you must purchase a license from MPT,, to use his work.

    Lets begin.
    New Image-600x600-transparent.
    Paste a paper of choice as a new layer. If needed resize by going to image resize- i usually start with 85%. Make sure all layers is unchecked and lock aspect ratio is checked.
    If the paper is still too big, repeat this step until it is the right size.
    Paste a frame as a new layer. I used a heart frame. If needed, resize either using the method we used above, or you can use the pick tool, the little arrow tool, and drag the box by
    one of the corners to the size you want it.
    Choose a paper for the inside of the frame. Click on your background paper layer and paste the paper you chose as a new layer.
    Grab your magic wand tool, Set it to the freehand mode. selection type is freehand, mode is add, feather 0, smoothing 0, anti-alias checked.
    Draw a selection carefully the same shape as your frame but slightly larger then the inside of the frame without going over the outside edge.
    Selections-invert. Make sure your paper layer is active and hit delete. Select none.
    Give the frame layer a drop shadow of choice.
    Paste your tube as a new layer. If it is a sitting tube like mine, postition toward the bottom of the frame. Resize if needed. See my tag for reference.
    Paste one of the cushions as a new layer. If needed, resize. Move this layer below your tube layer and position at the bottom of the frame so it looks like your tube is sitting on it. See my
    tag for reference.
    Paste the envelope as a new layer. Position to one side of your frame. If needed resize it. Move this layer below the frame and frame paper and position so it sticks out of the side. Again
    see my tag for reference. Duplicate this layer and go image mirror. Now you should have one on each side.

    Paste one of the bears as a new layer. Make sure this layer is above the frame and tube layer.
    Resize if needed. Position on the left side in the middle of the cushion and envelope. See my tag for placement.
    On the opposite side of the frame, paste a heart in the middle of the envelope and the cushion, and move it below the tube layer.
    Paste one of the bows as a new layer. Resize, and position in the top center of the frame. See my tag for reference.
    Choose one of the charms and paste as a new layer. Resize and position at the top left side of the frame. Once happy with it, duplicate and go image mirror. You should now have
    one on each side.
    Paste the raindrops as a new layer. Move this below the frame layer. Resize and position as i have mine. You may need to use the eraser tool to erase any bits that hang out of the frame.
    Give your tube layer a drop shadow of choice.
    Now hide your paper background layer and go layers-merge visible.
    Duplicate this merged layer. Give the duplicate a drop shadow of choice.
    On the original, go to effects-reflection effects-kaleidoscope. Image area settings are -100, -100, 355, 90. Kaleidoscope settings are 6,0,29. edge mode is wrap.
    Right click on this layer and lower the opacity to about 50.
    Now is the time if you wish to resize your whole tag to do so. Just use the image-resize method, make sure all layers is checked this time.
    Now add your copyright so it is clearly visible.
    Add your name. Give it a drop shadow.
    I also added noise to my layer that was kaleidoscoped. Go to adjust, add noise, and choose the percentage you like.
    Thats it, you are done.
    ©Angel Flower January 2009
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