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  • Punk Battalion

    For this tutorial you will need:
    PSP - any version
    Font of choice
    Tube of choice - I have used one of Al Rio's rocking punks! - Al’s work is available on licence from CILM - only use if you hold the correct licence to do so.
    Scrap Kit of your choice - I have used the Military Mini Kit from Monti - Thanks Monti, your Kits, Blings and Tutorial Rock :0)If you would like to use Monti's kit, go to her site -
    and look for the link for Scrap Kits on the left, scroll down the list, and you will find it :0)
    Optional is Eye Candy 3 - I used it for a glass effect on my name :0)
    Right lets start…………
    New Canvas 700 x 700.
    Preset eclipse - line width 3, colour of choice, background null. Draw out a decent sized circle, Objects > Align > Centre in Canvas, then convert to raster.
    Click inside the circle with your magic wand, Modify > Expand by 2, and paste the paper of your choice as a New layer - colorize to suit if need be, drag below the outline layer, merge the two together and add a drop shadow of choice.
    Duplicate the circle layer, and then resize down to 50%.
    Move the circle over towards top right side.
    Selections > Select All> Float > Defloat > Contract by 6 pixels.
    Paste your tube as a new layer - position so an area you like is selected by the marching ants - Selections > Invert, then on they keyboard hit delete. Select None. On the layer palette, change the Over lay on this tube to Luminance Legacy. - Merge the circle and tube together.
    Paste the dog tags as a new layer, and resize to about 75%, move them over to your small circle, and hang them over the edge - use your eraser to rub out past of the *chain* so it looks like the tags are draped over the circle ( see my tag for example )
    Duplicate the circle layer and move it over towards the bottom left side of your main circle.
    Paste your tube now to create your main image - position to liking on main circle, add drop shadow of your choice.
    Use the rectangle preset to draw out a small shape - line width 3 - convert to raster, use the magic wand in the same way we did before for the circle,, and select the inside, fill with the colorized paper like before, and while it is still selected, Paste your tube again, and select an area of it, then Invert and hit delete on the keyboard, then Select None.
    Duplicate the outline , paper and tube so there are 2 of each. Arrange them on the layer palette so you have outline tube paper, outline tube paper. Have the top copy of the outline active, and Merge down, then Merge down again - this creates one layer holding the outline, tube and paper.
    Next, go to the 2nd set - and this time, activate the tube first, and on the layers palette change the overlay to Luminance Legacy ( as we did before for the small circle ) Merge down, so the tube is merged to the paper, then activate the outline, and merge down so it forms a * green* copy of the small tube layer.
    Duplicate the *true* coloured tube layer and arrange them in the top left corner to your liking ( see my tag for example ) Once you are happy with the positions, Merge the 3 together.
    Duplicate the new merged layer, on the bottom copy apply a Gaussian blur of 10, then merge the top copy and blurred copy together. Duplicate this layer and then Image > Mirror, and place it at the bottom of the tag.
    Once you are happy with the positioning of everything, add all copyright credits and taggers mark if you use one.
    Finish of by adding your name in a font of your choice, using colours from your tube :0)
    I applied a Glass effect to my name ( using Eye Candy 3 ), and added a drop shadow.
    Finally Merge all layers and name and save as a Jpeg :0)
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