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  • Cristina in Diamonds

    For this tut you need PSP - any version,

    VM Extravaganza Transmission, and optional is Tramages Accelerating Daisy

    Scrap Elements of your choice - I cant supply the stuff I used as I no longer have permission to do so L

    And a tube - my tube is *Christina* by Keith Garvey at MPT please only use if you are licensed to do so.

    OK Lets get started :0)

    New canvas at 500 x 500, Floodfill with white.

    We want to create a diamond shape - there are 2 ways - if you have a decent diamond preset then use that, if not, create a square, convert to raster then rotate the 45 degrees - you can then use your deform tool to elongate it a little. - I did mine using the square preset, foreground black, background null, line width 25. Converted to raster then switched foreground to white, line width 5, dotted line style, and made a square slightly smaller than my black one. Merged the 2 together then rotated :0)

    Position your diamond central in the canvas.

    Grab your magic wand, click inside the frame, modify and expand by 5, New Raster layer and Floodfill white.( Leave selected )

    On this white layer apply a texture effect or pattern of your choice ( I used Tramages Accelerating Daises on the default settings ).

    Open your tube, copy, and paste as a new layer onto the tag, position into the selected area, then Selections > Invert, make sure the tube is the active layer, and on the keyboard, hit delete. Select None and add a drop shadow of your choice to your tube layer.

    X out ya white background layer, then Merge Visible everything else, then open your background up again.

    Duplicate your tube layer. On the top copy resize to 75%, and then rotate it 20% right.

    Move it over to the right hand side and below the main layer. Duplicate and rotate the duplicate thru another 20degrees right, move below the first one. Position them to your liking, then merge these 2 smaller layers together, duplicate this layer, and mirror it.

    Activate your background white later. Preset on eclipse, solid line set to 5, foreground black, fill as white, draw out a circle that is just slightly smaller than your main diamond, convert to raster. Apply VM Extravaganza - Transmission on the following settings:

    I also added a doodle on top of this layer - sadly I cant provide it as Melissa revoked permission for them to be shared. If you already have it you may use it - or see what else you can find :0)

    Next I added a rose from Rainbow Coffi, (I had to resize it down to 25%) at the top of my tag, a diamond heart element on the smaller diamond, and tiny bows with diamonds at the bottom - use whatever elements you like and go with the flow!

    Finally add your name, all copyright credits and taggers mark if you use one.Name and save as a Jpeg :0)

    My Friend and member here at KnKS was the first to try this tut - she went her own way with it, and added an animation - Here is her example ( just to give you more ideas )

    This Tutorial was written by Kells

    for on February 14th 2008.

    All ideas and concepts are my own, any similarities to any other is accidental.

    Please do not redistribute, re-write or claim as your own, see my ToU.
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