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  • Broken Halo

    Broken Halo
    PSP - I used X but this will work in any version.
    Tube of choice - I used “Broken Halo” one of the many gorgeous girls of Dave Nestler, available on licence from CILM - you can not use this image unless you hold the appropriate licence to so so J
    Supplies-you will need, a corner element / design of youe own liking, and a fancy doodle - or a digbat style font might work ;0) plus a diamond tube elementand Font of choice
    OK- open and minimise any supplies in psp.
    New canvas at 600 x 600, Floodfill with white.
    Rectangle preset, foreground set to either a silver grey, or a old, depending on your tube choice. ( I used colour code B59777 )
    Background null, line width of 5.0
    Draw out a rectangle to approx 350 x 400 pixels.
    Objects > align > Centre in Canvas.
    OK next apply an inner bevel to this “frame” - I used the following settings
    Next, open up the corner elements of your choice ).
    Select one that contrasts with your tube, copy, and paste onto the tag as a new layer.
    Place at the top left corner of the frame, Duplicate, mirror and flip, and place at the bottom right corner.
    Duplicate this corner, and flip, then Image resize - 50% and place top right, duplicate, mirror and flip, place bottom left.
    Once they are all in place and you are happy, X out your white background layer, and Merge Visible everything else.
    Add a drop shadow of our choice.
    Open up the fancy doodle style elements and select one - go by style not colour, as we can colourise.
    Use your freehand tool to select the element of your choice, Edit > Copy, then onto our tag, and paste as new layer.
    Position to your liking on the left hand side of the frame. Now, if you chose, colourise the element to match or contrast with your tag. Once you are happy, Duplicate it, and then on the duplicate Mirror and flip, position to your liking on the right hand side of tag. Add same drop shadow you used on the frame.
    Again making sure the white background layer is X’d out, merge visible.- Leave the background layer closed out.
    grab your diamond element - copy and paste this as a new layer, and place on the top left corner of the frame, duplicate and paste on the bottom right,, duplicate again, and place at the stem of your doodle element, duplicate one last time, and place on the 2nd dodole element.
    Merge visible. And open the white layer.
    Take your tube, and paste as a new layer. Position this layer below the frame layer, and above the white layer. You may need to resize it a little.
    Position it so it fits your frame. If, like me, you choose a tube where an area of it protrudes from the frame, make sure the tube is the active layer, and se your freehand tool to select the area, then on the layers palette, right click, and select the option “promote selection to layer”. Drag this selection up, so it is above your frame.
    Add all your © credits and taggers mark.
    Finally, in the font of your choice, type out your name, position against the bottom of the frame. Merge all -Flatten,
    Then Name and Save J
    This Tutorial was written by Kells for on September 24th 2007.
    All ideas and concepts are my own, any similarities to any other is accidental.
    Please do not redistribute, re-write or claim as your own, see my ToU.
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