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  • Dreams Woven in Satin

    For this tutorial you need,
    PSP ( any version )
    Animation Shop
    Scrap Kit of your choice
    Tube of your choice. I used *Pink Pillows* by Jessica Dougherty, this tube and her other awesome work is available on licence from CILM.
    The Scrap Kit I used is called Flores by Lively, its stunning, but I do not have permission to share, so you will have to substitute with something you can use :0) Sorry
    New Canvas 600 x 600 Floodfill white.
    Preset rectangle. Line solid, width of 4, foreground black, background a colour/ gradient or paper of choice to compliment your tube.
    Draw out a rectangle about 450 wide by 200 deep. Objects > Align > Centre in Canvas.
    Convert to raster
    Add a drop shadow of your choice. ( mine was Vertical / Horizontal 1, opacity 69, blur 10 )
    Duplicate this layer. On the bottom one apply a Guassian blur of 20. On the top copy apply
    Tramages - Tow the Line on the following settings :
    Eclipse preset, solid line, width 5, foreground black, background null.
    Draw out a circle - see my tag for size reference.
    Objects > Align > Centre in Canvas. Convert to raster
    Click inside the circle with your magic wand. Selections > Modify >expand by 2
    Now paste a paper of your choice as a new layer, then Selections > Invert, and on the keyboard, hit delete
    Drag the paper layer below the circle frame layer and then on the circle frame, add same drop shadow as you used before :0)
    Place your tube on as a new layer, position to your liking on the circle area. You may need to resize your tube,.
    Add all credits and copyrights on a new layer.
    Taking a flower scrap element of your choice, paste as a new layer, and resize suitably ( hoe much you need to do this by will depend on your choice in element ).
    Position it at the top right hand corner of the rectangle. Duplicate and move it down slightly, then repeat this til you have a line of the element down the side of the rectangle
    Merge the layers containing the flowers.
    Duplicate this merged layer twice, for a total of three, then Selections > Modify > Contract by 3 ( you may need to contract by slightly more or less depending on your element )
    Have the top layer of the flowers active and apply DSB Flux Bright Noise - set at intensity 38, and click on Lighter.
    Now active the middle copy of the flower layer, and apply the noise again - same intensity, but click light twice.
    Then on the bottom copy, repeat - clicking light three times.
    X out your bottom and middle layers for now :0)
    Embellish the tag further with any elements of your choice - ribbons, doodles etc.
    Add your name across the bottom of the tag ( I used Amaze,) apply the same drop shadow we used earlier, I then added a small scrap heart to the name :0)
    OK we animate in the usual way so………
    Edit > Copy Merged, then into Ani Shop and paste as a New Animation.
    Back to psp, X out the top flower layer, and activate the middle one, Edit > Copy Merged….Over to Ani Shop and Paste AFTER current Frame.
    Back to psp, X out the middle layer, and open the bottom layer of flowers, Edit > Copy Merged….Over to Ani Shop and Paste AFTER current Frame.
    View - and if you are happy with it , Name and Save as a GIF :0)
    This Tutorial was written by Kells
    for on February 8th 2008.
    All ideas and concepts are my own, any similarities to any other is accidental.
    Please do not redistribute, re-write or claim as your own, see my ToU.
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