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  • Fae of Light

    For this tag you will need PSP, I have used PSP 9, but any version should work.
    A Tube of your choice. I have used the fantastic work of Renee Biertempfel, available on licence from CILM. You can not use this image unless you hold the appropriate licence to do so.
    Font of choice - I’ve used Campanile
    No outside filters or anything else needed!
    New 500 x 600 white canvas
    Select your Square preset tool, and have the foreground set to a dark colour from your tube and the background as a gradient that compliments your tube.
    Draw out a square approx 360 pixels square,. And place it towards the top right hand side of your canvas
    Duplicate this square, then resize to 180 pixels. Add a drop shadow of choice ( I am using V & H 5, Opacity 50 Blur 5 colour black ) repeat the drop shadow, using the same figures, but make the Vertical and Horizontal -5 this time. Duplicate this new small square twice, giving you 3 that size. Arrange them to your liking, but preferably one at top left, the other 2 on the right somewhere.
    Go back to the layer holding the large square, add a drop shadow of choice ( I used V 7 H 5, opacity 50, blur 5, colour black )
    Now paste your tube as a new layer, and arrange it on the large square to your liking, add a drop shadow of your choice. On a new layer, add in all © details and taggers mark if you use one etc.
    Now select one of the layers containing your small squares ( Doesn’t matter which one ).
    Highlight this layer in the layer palette, Then go to Selections > Select All > Selections > Float > Selections > Defloat > Selections > Modify > Contract > 2 pixels.
    Leave the ants marching, and Paste your tube as a new layer, Move the tube so that an area of it is contained within the square, then go to Selections > Invert, then on the keyboard, hit delete….. Repeat the entire process for the other two squares, each time, selecting a different are of tube.
    You should end up with something like this ……
    Select your font Tool, and load the font of your choice. I have the foreground set to a contrasting colour from my tube and the background as a gradient to go with it.
    Type out the FIRST letter of your name. Now Stretch and manipulate it and position it on the left side of the canvas. Add a drop shadow of choice. Then on a new layer, type out the rest of your name, again stretching it, but only to around half the size of the first initial. Position it and add the same drop shadow as before.
    Now, crop off any excess white background from the tag,, Name and Save!
    You can also animate the light from her staff using constellation effect or a bling:
    I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
    Why not stop by to show me your results!
    This tutorial was written by Kells for KnKSDesigns, on March 29th 2007
    Any resemblance to any other tutorial is accidental.
    Please feel free to link to this tut print it out for your own use but under no circumstances are you to re-write it, copy it or claim it as your own.
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