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  • Lil Square

    For this tutorial I am using the truly fun fairies of Joel Adams. You can visit his site at and his art is available to buy on licence from CILM in order to use this image you must visit them and purchase the appropriate package on licence.
    This tutorial is very adaptable and will work in any colour scheme with any art.
    The font I used is called Tangiers, which I cant provide as it’s a Pay font. However, I suggest that any font that’s in all capitals, and flat topped will work well.
    Blank Canvas at 450 x 450, white
    New Vector layer, Select a medium shade from tube as the foreground colour ( I used # a9e0f6) and a lighter colour for the background ( I used # d6ecf3).
    Select your Square preset shape, have the “Create as Vector” checked, Line style set to diamond, and line width set to 2.0 .
    Holding down your Shift Key on the keyboard as you draw out a square approximately 200 x 200 pixels.
    Now rotate the image through 45 degrees, to create a Diamond. Add a drop shadow of your choice ( I used Ver 0, Hori 8, opacity 100, blur 25 and black).
    Duplicate this layer, and position the two diamonds side by side at the top of the tag, X out the white background layer, and merge Vis the 2 diamonds, duplicate this merged layer, move the copy down, and then merge Vis again. You should have this
    Duplicate this layer, Resize to 75% ( ALL Layers is Unchecked!) and rotate 45 degrees again.
    Duplicate this layer and resize and rotate it on the same settings as before. Merge Vis
    Now you have this:
    Take your tube, Copy it, close the original, Paste As New Layer onto your tag. Resize it if ness. Position your tube to the right side of the tag, and lower the opacity to 20%
    Paste As New Layer again, and your tube should come up again. This time resize it to around 75%, and Mirror it so its facing the faded tube layer. Position it to the left and top of the tag, and add the drop shadow we used on the diamonds.
    Now add in all copyright credits, and your taggers mark if you use one. On a new layer, add the text or name of your choice, in a font you like. Position it under the tube, and add the same drop shadow
    You can also animate it with sparkles of your choice….
    Thanks for taking the time to try my Tutorial, I would Love to see your results so why not stop by KnKSDesigns and show me!
    This Tutorial was written by me on March 1st 2007, all ideas and concepts are my own, any similarities to other tutorials is accidental.
    Tutorial registered with TWI
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