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  • Muted Whispers

    For this tutorial, you will need:
    PSP - any version
    Filter - DSB Flux - Mosaic Ripple.
    Tube of choice - mine is from Anthony Guerra - you can buy AG's work on licence at
    CILM -
    You can ONLY use these images / tubes if you hold the correct licence to do so!
    Scrap Kit of choice - Mine is called Muted Whispers and is by ShhhScrapz , sadly, she no longer scraps, so you will have to substitute for other elements :0)
    OK we will start with a canvas sized at 600 x 600 - you can crop / resize later if you like
    Grab your rectangle preset shape, stroke null, fill Black, draw out a rectangle about 425
    pixels wide and 240 pixels deep.convert to a rastor layer.
    Selects > Select All > Float > DeFloat.
    Modify, contract by 10 pixels, and then floodfill with white, modify > contract by 3,
    floodfill with black, and then modify contract by 3 and this time, floodfill with a gradient
    that will compliment your tube / kit.
    Paste your tube as a new layer, position so it fits with in the * frame* you just created -
    remove any excess.
    Take the string of beads from the scrap kit - colourise to match your tag ( if needed ) and
    resize to fit the tag. Arrange so it lies along the bottom of the frame - see mine for
    Merge together the frame, tube and mead layer.
    Duplicate the merged layer twice for a total of 3.
    On the bottom copy, Rotate thru 15 degrees right.
    On the centre copy, Rotate thru 7.5 degrees right.
    The top copy should stay totally horizontal.
    Adjust the positioning slightly if you need to so that the top left corners of all 3 layers
    meet nicely.
    Merge the layers together, and duplicate the new layer.
    On the bottom copy, apply a gaussian blur of 12.
    Now apply the Mosaic Ripple filter form DSB Flux - set to Mosaic 12, Pull 360.
    Duplicate this mosaic layer, and rotate it thru 90 degrees left, and re arrange to the side
    of your tag to your liking.
    Place a flower of your liking to the top left corner.
    Add a bow to the bottom left corner.
    If you wish to crop or resize your tag, so so now.
    On a new layer, add all copyright credits, taggers marks and licence numbers if applicable.
    In a font of your choice add you name acorss the top of the tag, adding any gradient glows
    or drop shadows you like :0)
    Merge all your layers together, name and save as a JPEG :0)
    I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
    Why not mail me on to show me your results!
    This tutorial was written by Kells for KnKSDesigns, on May 15th 2008
    Any resemblance to any other tutorial is accidental.
    Please feel free to bookmark this tut ,print it out for your own use but under no circumstances are you to re-write it, copy it or claim it as your own.
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