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    PSP - Iíve used X, but any version will work
    Tube and Font of your choice. I used the stunning ladies of Jennifer Janesko, available on licence from CILM.
    Please do NOT use this image unless you hold the appropriate licence to do so.
    Supplies - I am not including supplies, you need to substitute with ones to your liking.
    I used a frame from Lindsay Jane Designs , doodle by Melissa ,
    You will also need a mask of your choice J
    Lets start with a canvas 600 x 600, Floodfill with white.
    Open your LJD Frame template, copy ,and paste onto the canvas. Resize it at 50% then repeat again at 50%. I chose to rotate mine through 90 degrees - you may do so, or leave horizontal, itís a personal preference thing J
    Use your magic wand, and click inside each of the 3 areas, Select > Modify > Expand by 2 and on a New Layer ,Floodfill with White. Select None.
    Grab your magic wand again, and select one of the areas again - Modify it to expand by 2.
    Paste your tube as a new layer, and arrange to your liking within the selected are. Then, with the tube as the active layer - Selections > Invert, and on the keyboard, hit Delete. Select None.
    Repeat this process for the other 2 areas - using the same tube, or different ones ( by the same artist of course J ).
    Once you are happy with it, X out your main white background layer, make sure your layers are in the correct order - (frame at the top, the tubes in the middle, and the white at the bottom ) and merge Visible the rest.
    Duplicate this layer twice, so you have 3.
    Activate the bottom one - rotate it through 18 degrees left.
    Activate the middle one, and rotate through 18 degrees right.
    Leave the top copy as is. Make sure they are all lined up to your liking, Add all your © credits and taggers marks now and then merge Visible again.
    Select a light colour from your tube, or from the frame itself.
    Add a new raster layer, and Floodfill with your colour, on the layers palette, drag this layer down below the framed layer.
    Apply your mask, and do the usual Merge Group J
    Duplicate your mask layer and colourise it with a different colour from your tube or frame. Then use the Adjust > Blur > Guassian Blur > 20.
    Drag this layer below the original mask layer.
    Open the doodle - paste it onto the tag, in between the frames and the mask. Place to your liking. Merge everything together now.
    Open up your diamond, and paste as a new layer.
    I used mine on the frame - right on the edges in the centre and merge them to the frame layer.
    I also placed a few around one edge of my mask, - simply duplicate and arrange to your liking. X out the layer containing your tag, and Merge Visible all the diamonds. Open your main tag layer up again . Duplicate the diamond layer, then Image Mirror > image > Flip and reposition to your liking.
    Add your name in a font and colour of your choice,
    Merge all flatten, name and save J
    I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
    Why not stop by to show me your results!
    This tutorial was written by Kells for KnKSDesigns, on October 5th 2007
    Any resemblance to any other tutorial is accidental.
    Please feel free to bookmark this tut ,print it out for your own use but under no circumstances are you to re-write it, copy it or claim it as your own.
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