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    This tutorial was written in psp 9, but will work within other versions.
    I used the awesome art of Myka Jelina, available on licence at CILM in order to use this image you must visit them and purchase the appropriate package on licence.
    A nice easy tutorial, using basic tools within your PSP program!
    Open up your tubein PSP, and then minimise it
    Ok, open yourself a new White canvas sized at 500 x 500
    Next, add a new raster layer.
    Select Star 3 from your Preset shapes, choosing colours to match or contrast with your tube
    I am using Foreground # b9b2ee and for the background I used gradient mqc May.
    Now, hold down shift so you get and even shape, and drag across the canvas, to form a star that fills the majority of the canvas ( leave some border though)
    OK, now we are going to add a drop shadow...
    Effects > Drop Shadow>
    use the following settings :~ Vertical 2, Horizontal 9 Opacity 75, Blur 7.0 colour Black ( 404040 )
    OK, and then another drop shadow, this time with the following settings :~
    Vertical 11, Horizontal -5, Opacity, Blur and colour as before.
    Now, in the layers pallete, duplicate this layer.
    Highlight the duplicate copy, and go to Image > Resize and resize to 90%.
    Staying on that layer we are going to rotate it....
    Image > Rotate > Free Rotate> Rotate Right 25 degrees.
    Now, duplicate the layer we just worked on, and repeat the resize, and the rotate, but go 25 degrees left this time.
    Once you have 3 star layers, X out the white background layer, and Merge Visable..You end up with this:
    Right, Step 2!
    Adding the tube!
    restore the tube you select at the beginning, and Copy it, then close of the origional.
    Click back onto your canvas, then Edit > Paste > Paste as New Layer.
    Resize your tube if ness/ so it fits the star.
    Add a Drop Shadow to your tube :~
    Vert and Hor set at 5 each, Opacity 75 and Blur 5 Colour #404040.
    Now please add the (and watermark or taggers mark if you use)
    Now Merge Visable!
    Last Step!
    On a New Layer we are gonna add our Text!
    So choose your font, I used Broadway BT, but any Bold, big flat style font works well for this one!
    So Broadway BT, size 72
    Select colours that compliment your tube and star ( I am using foreground # 108770 and background # 70cfb5)
    Enter your text and apply it.
    Now use the nodes to stretch out the text to fit the points of the star and position to your liking...
    Now add a Drop Shadow, using the same settings you used for the Tube layer.
    Merge Visible.
    use the crop tool to get rid of excess white and Save your Tag !
    This tutorial and screen shots were created by me Kells, any similarities to any other tutorial is coinsidenceYou may print this tutorial for your own reference but do not copy or claim it as your own.If you wish to share it with your group, please link them to it!
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