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  • Dreams of Fairy Blue

    You will need Psp ( this was written in 9 but will work in other versions)
    Tube of choice, I am using the awesome art of Suzanne Richards, you must have a licence to use her art, available form CILM
    I have used Font Cheri Liney, but thats optional! you may of course use any font you like.
    Right, so its a New Transparent canvas, 450 x 450 pixels.
    Select 2 light colours from your tube, I am using Foreground # cbb6f4 and background #b2c0f0. Change your forground box to Gradiet, and floodfill your canvas.
    Open your tube, copy, then over to your canvas, and paste as new Layer, resize it if nessesary, and place towards the right hand side of the tag, then on the Layers paletee, lower the opacity to 36.
    Select the Rectangle option from your Presets. Set your line style to DOT DASH and set the width to 1.0.
    Choose a dark colour from your tube and draw out a square, about a third of the size of your canvas. then rotate it.... Image > Roatate > Free Rotate chossing Right 45 degrees. add add a drop shadow at the following settings:
    Vertical 1, Horizontal 1, Opacity 75, Blur 2.0 and colour Black ( #050505)
    On a new layer, using the rectangle preset again, we are gonna form the frame.
    This time select the line style named Arrowhead Ball, select another dark colour from the tube.
    Draw a square as close to the edges of the tag as you can, so it forms the frame.
    Go to your tube again, and copy it, back to the tag and Paste as New Layer. Resize the tube so it fits within the diamond, manoever it into place, and add the same drop shadow we used before.
    On another New Layer, add in all copyright credits and your taggers watermark if you use one.
    Last Bit!
    New Layer, select your text tool, find the font you want ( I used Cheri Liney) preferably one thats not solid colour, so you can see the tag behind it!
    Choose another light colour to compliment the tag and tube ( I used #8c95dd) strkoe width 0.00.
    The size of text will depend on the font you choose, and the length of the name, but have the first initial larger than the rest. ( In my case the K is sized 100, the rest is at 72)
    Place on tag to your liking, add the Drop Shadow ( settings same as before)
    Merge visble and Save as Jpeg.
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