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  • Clouded Innocence

    For this tutorial you will need:
    PSP - Any Version
    Animation Shop
    Mura Meister - Clouds
    Heart Preset of your choice - or other shape if you choose :0)
    Tube of choice - mine is by Keith Garvey and available on licence from MPT you can only use this image if you hold the appropriate licence to do so.
    Big bold font of your choice.
    OK Lets start with a nice new blank canvas at 650 by 650 and flood fill it with white.
    Grab your heart preset - or another shape if you prefer.
    Draw out a shape that’s a good size for your canvas - see my tag for guides.
    If its not filled with colour, then flood fill with black :0)
    Duplicate your shape three times for a total of 4.
    Have the top shape layer as active,
    Selections > Select All > Float > Defloat > Modify > Contract by 5.
    Go to Mura Meister - Clouds and apply on the flowing settings :
    Leave your selection on, and activate the middle copy of the shape.
    Apply the cloud filter again, this time changing the settings slightly…..
    Lower the Effect and the amount both down to 90 each.
    Then activate your bottom layer - still with your selection on - and repeat the cloud effect - this time lowering the effect and amount down to 80 each.
    Now Select None to stop them marching Ants!
    Activate the very bottom layer - the 4th shape. go to Adjust > Blur > Gaussian Blur and set it to radius of 15.
    Then go to Effects> Texture Effects > Blinds and set it to the following :
    Then reapply on the same settings - but this time UNcheck the horizontal box. Add a drop shadow of your choice.
    Next Grab your nice big bold font - on all capital letters, all black, type out the word Innocent or another of your choice :0), Size will depend on your font choice - I set mine to about 125.
    Once you have your word typed out, go to Objects > Align > Centre Horizontally.
    Convert to Raster.
    Now grab your tube, and paste as a new layer - arrange so its either standing, sitting or lying on your word.
    Add a nice big drop shadow of your choice.
    Then, of course, add all relevant © credits, taggers marks and licence numbers where applicable.
    Using the same font, on a smaller size setting, type out your name Convert to raster, add drop shadows or gradient glows of your liking.
    Smaller names fit nicely beside my tube - for longer names I rotated thru 90 degrees left, and arranged it down the right hand edge of the tag.
    OK, Make sure all your layers are in place. X out the middle and bottom copies of the shapes. Then go to Edit > Copy Merged
    Hop over to Ani Shop, and Paste as New Animation.
    Back to PSP. X out your top copy of shape, and activate the centre one.
    Edit > Copy Merged
    Back to Ani Shop and Paste AFTER Current Frame.
    Over to PSP again, X out centre copy and open the bottom one.
    Edit > Copy Merged.
    Over into Ani Shop again and once more Paste AFTER Current Frame.
    Back to PSP one last time, X out the bottom and open the middle one again, Edit > Copy Merged.
    Into Ani Shop, and Finally Paste AFTER Current Frame.
    Staying in Ani Shop, Edit > Select All Animation > Frame Properties and change it to 30.
    View Animation - and if you are happy, Name and save as a GIF file.
    for longer names:
    This Tutorial was written by Kells
    for on May 1st 2008.
    All ideas and concepts are my own, any similarities to any other is accidental.
    Please do not redistribute, re-write or claim as your own, see my ToU
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